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Jul 26, 2018, 21 tweets

TRUMP: "Today the blast furnace here in Granite City is blazing bright, workers are back on the job and we're once again pouring new American steel into the spine of our country."

TRUMP: "We've got aluminum coming out good. We have steel coming out good."

Trump calls senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump "honey," kisses her on cheek

During a speech to US Steel employees, Trump attacks the media, goes on lengthy harangue against the "fake news," and complains of his media coverage that "this never happened to Obama."

Trump seems to confuse steel plants with his usual talking points about MS-13, says, "I think US Steel is opening seven plants and expanding. They're taking areas that they never thought they would see again." ("Taking areas?")

TRUMP, SHORTER: 'They took 'er jobs!'

Trump suggests politicians who negotiated trade deals he inherited were treasonous.

"I don't know if they didn't understand or if they didn't care or if they didn't frankly love our country... but they're getting good again."

TRUMP: "I was in the construction business. I know a lot about steel & would order steel. Sometimes depending where it came from it wasn't steel, it would be a lot of garbage that looked like steel. We don't have to worry about that."

TRUMP: "We're putting America first. It's all about that. By the way, other countries should put themselves first too, right? We're not America first and other people forget about them... if you're the leader of another country, you should put your country first."

Trump preemptively attacks the press for not properly reporting how enthusiastic his audience of steel employees is for his nakedly political speech

Trump claims that under Obama, "the economy was going to hell." #gaslighting

Trump laments that there are standards on which countries he can send weapons to.

"Foreign countries... we do have a little standard, unfortunately. If they're sort of friendly, we're selling them a lot, and that's good for jobs."

Trump, in full rant mode, denounces the World Trade Organization as "another disaster for us."

Brags that the American economy is "number one for growth, and other elements." (citation needed)

Trump fabricates a story about farmers who have gone on TV and praised his trade war.

"The go on TV and the say, 'I know it's going to be tough for a while but he's doing the right thing. Everybody knows we've been ripped off for so long. He's doing the right thing.'"

Trump is delivering an unhinged rally speech to steel workers. Here he is ranting about Germany buying natural gas from Russia and attacking NATO.

His audience is in stunned silence.

Trump baselessly claims Obama was "ready to go to war" with North Korea when he was sworn in, then praises Kim Jong Un.

"He was very smart, and we have established really a very good relationship."

With the crowd in stunned silence, Trump again attacks media, says, "the stronger we get, the less people are going to be messing with us. We don't want to use that kind of strength or power. The more power we have, the more we're not going to have to use it, it's very simple."

Trump touts a nonexistent agreement he claims he reached with the EU yesterday. (He and the EU president vaguely verbally agreed to work together in the future.)

Trump mangles "Minnesota," says "Minnesotar."

Trump is really having a hard time down the stretch here

This was one of the most bizarre speeches Trump has ever delivered. It was a nearly hour-long political harangue to an audience of steel workers. Completely unhinged.

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