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Jul 27, 2018, 8 tweets


The hoarding of wealth is the cause of poverty

The super rich suck up 99% of the money

Cost of living has continued to rise

Many Americans have been priced out of existence

The unemployment rate goes down
Corporate profits go up
Wages go down
Many Americans work more than one job
Yet they are still barely scraping by

A well educated & healthy populace is necessary for the success of America
Social programs lift children out of poverty
Instead of adding a zero to the bank account of the ultra wealthy
We could be investing in infrastructure
We could be investing in our future workforce

A high tide lifts all boats

When we allow the rich to use loopholes instead of paying taxes
When we allow pharmaceutical companies to over charge
When we allow corporations to underpay
We are building ivory towers & desolate valleys

We are creating #ANewDepression

A higher minimum wage can raise the unemployment rate partially because people no longer have to work multiple jobs to get by. In some states rent alone can be more than half of the money earned for in a month. #EndHomelessness

Education makes all the difference
Not just university
We need Tradesmen
We need common sense
We need knowledge

The bottom line?
We have to #GOTV
The #GOPisComplicit
If we want change
We must VOTE for it!
#OurLiberalUtopia won't just happen
It will take every one of US!
We can no longer be patient
We can no longer stand idly by
We are the strength & spirit of America
We must Act like it!

I missed a step in there somewhere.
When a skilled worker can work 1 job instead of 2, vacant job isn't necessarily fit for those looking for jobs. Also those that had stopped looking for a job, often not calculated in unemployment rate, begin to look again. Inflating the rate.

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