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Jul 28, 2018, 14 tweets

1. #QAnon shared a leftist sign that Media Matters claimed was staged by @Cernovich. Maybe, but, deserved, defending pedos in Hollywood & DC, now bolstering @JamesGunn. #PedoWood #Q #Pedogate

2. #QAnon Peter #Strzok's wife, Melissa Hodgman's named Assoc Director of Security Exchange Commission’s Enforcement Division. Text between Hodgman & Strzok may reveal settlements & pay-offs to overlook fraud violations. FB involved? The filth'd infiltrated every key Sr level. #Q

3. #QAnon terms the Cabal that has "infiltrated every senior critical position":
"The Circle." How's that for creepy? #Q

4. #QAnon: This mo's truth about FISA/Dossier's important marker. "Think connections". Isn't worst (eg, threats to POTUS (1589)) still redacted? Hussein's FBI gave "private contractors" access to raw NSA data. Paid to snoop on Trump by whom? D5 chess move starts D5 avalanche. #Q

5. #QAnon re-posted 12/4/17: #Strzok's wife M Hodgman was promoted just before the election to Director of SEC Enforcement just hours after FBI found classified HRC emails on Weiner laptop. Hussein ensured loyalists like McCabe were in top positions.…

6. #QAnon responds to Anon saying FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign did not reveal truth. Q shows it STARTS confirm of illegal acts of signers, rig of election w false info to media using UK MI5/6/SIS, US intel, WH, FVEY, R party reps, D MSM heads, & heads of state. Treason.

7. #QAnon. FISA brings down house. Declassfn by @POTUS reveals key parts that demonstrate #fakedossier's used as main source to secure highest level of intel spying on republican opponent (+post election spying on @POTUS). Public awareness of FISA spying is Huber's foundation.

8. #QAnon: What's under FISA redactions is Huber's foundation. MSM/Social Media support highest level of treason, covering for sedition in DC. CEO resignations, congress not seeking election, Hussein's travels, 40-50K sealed indictments, outing pedos, unprecedented in history. #Q

9. #QAnon: Have you ever witnessed a group similar to NAZI germany (with similar logo) rise up? Have you ever witnessed a DEFCON scare? Have you ever witnessed unauth missiles fired? Photo evidence, yet, dismissed???? #Q

9. #QAnon Have you ever witnessed political foundations receive hundreds of millions from specific terrorist sponsor organizations, etc, only to immediately cease once out of power? And, all during the same period of time?
Nothing is happening>? #Q…

10. #QAnon: "Nothing is enough? Do you not understand/comprehend what we are currently dealing with? People are dying.
We are under threat of kill every second of the day. Those who you trust the most are the most evil. This is not a game. Humanity is at stake. #Q

11. #Q reminds us of the leftist "news" sites trying to discredit "#Qanon conspiracy"...all for a "LARP"? Why have NO #EnemyOfThePeople "journalists" asked @realDonaldTrump directly about "Q"?

12. Link to most recent prior #QAnon thread:… #Q

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