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It’s what the people want...

#LoveIsland character thread, 2018:

Jack Fincham:

Would go for a beer with this lemon squeezer. Probably the nicest thing I can say. Loved that he was never seen working out. Proper dad bod. Could sell ice to an Eskimo. Sell me this pen. Top fella. 9/10

Dani Dyer:

What an absolute treacle she is. Down to earth. Honest. A looker. Bonus points because her dad is my hero. Jack has bagged a real one. 8.5/10

Dr Alex aka Dr Virgin:

Complete loser. He’ll never get as good as Alexandra in the real world. What a whopper. Should’ve left a hero. Became the villain. Beta male. 0.5/10

Alexandra Crane:

Speaking of Alexandra. What a woman. Oozes class. Sexy af. She deserves someone better than Billy Bear ham face. “Shame on you.” Iconic. 8/10

Wes Nelson:

Funny guy. Lots of low-key moments cracked me up. Had a right resulting binning off Laura for Meg. Even if he was pied in the process. Will need to up his game to keep her under lock. Never forget when he said he had a big wang. Good luck soldier. 7/10

Megan Barton-Hanson:

Actually feel really sorry for this girl. Low self-esteem. Loved how she completely changed up the game because Eyal called her boring. Split Laura and Wes up for a laugh. Then completely made the other guys look like geeks. Love her. 8/10

Laura Anderson:

She has the ability to look 8 different ages throughout the course of an episode. Dealt with a lot of shit. Respek her for that. Deserves happiness. Just tone it down a bit? 5/10

Josh Denzel:

Did he successfully upgrade? Yes. Is he too smug for his own good? Absolutely. 5/10

Kaz Crossley:

Dealt with pettiness from Georgia like a Queen. Completely mugged her off actually. HAHAHAHAHA. Bit boring. 6/10

Paul Knops:

One of the most boring men to ever enter the villa. Went for a free holiday but come out with an arranged marriage and two kids on the way. Massive L. 1/10

Adam Collard:

The King. Was far too easy for him in the villa. Didn’t deserve to be dumped with a group of nobodies. Miss him. Will probably go to one of his meet and greets. Ask for tips. 9.5/10

Hayley Hughes:

Had high hopes for her. Turns out she either played dumb for the cameras or genuinely never went to school. Couldn’t understand half the stuff she said. The half I did understand was just utter shite. 2/10

Eyal Booker:

Weirdo. Type of guy who hangs about in Hackney Wick listening to nonsense. Came across well on Aftersun so salvages a bit of respect. Did bang first, so extra DBS points. Way too sensitive. 4/10

Samira Mighty:

Never forget when she stormed into the villa as if she had a man to defend 😂😂😂. Leaving when she did was best possible outcome for her. 5/10

Niall Aslam:

Was rustled by the mere sight of Adam. Was only ever going to get worse from there. Hope he's feeling better though. 6/10

Kendall Rae-Knight:

Didn’t have long enough to shine. First to be mugged off by Adam. Night vision cameras did her no favours. 3/10

Georgia Steel:

They don’t make them like her anymore. She’s bloody loyal babes. That’s just the way G is. Salt of the earth. Bloody loyal. Was loyal until the very end babes. Loyal. 1/10

Rosie Williams:

Her photo shoot with Meg was tragic. Completely mugged off by the King at every turn. Took many Ls in there. 2.5/10

Charlie Frederick:

Never had a chance once he tied himself to the Titanic. 6/10

Ellie Brown:

Was all over Georgia. Big fan of that. Not a fan of her voice which grated my soul. Awful extensions apparently. 6.5/10

Zara McDermott:

Probably the fittest girl on the show? Can’t remember a lot she did other than get with the 👑🤴. She won’t be able to tame him. 7/10

Sam Bird:

Was it me or was he obsessed with asking people their surname? I expected more of him. If you refer to yourself in the third person like the Rock than you need to back it up. Less said about the brows the better. 5/10

Jack Fowler:

Black Jack. Oluwajack. Wish he entered at the start. Unreal shapes. Wasn’t willing to go to Scotland for Old Laura but will travel to Portugal for New Laura. 😂😂😂. 9/10

Charlie Brake:

Actually a decent guy. Rate him for not bringing up his wealth. Didn’t say too much. Have fun in Monaco. 6/10

Frankie Foster:

Who knows what his relationship with Samira was really like?! The producers did him dirty. Seems like a solid geezer. Lead your life fella. 7/10

Grace Wardle:

Why on earth did Dr Virgin choose her? Baffling. Offered exactly zero to the show. Just remembering her rolling around after a text once? Or did I imagine that? Who cares. 1/10

Darylle Sargeant:

Bit of trivia. She once bought me a Mars bar when I was getting tattooed in her shop. Was rooting for her. Thought she could sway the King but it was too late. The only good thing to come out of Watford. 8/10

Ellie Jones:

The biggest flop since Davy Klassen. Was bought in with the sole purpose of splitting up Jack and Dani. Failed miserably. 2/10

Alex Miller:

HAHAAHAHAHA. Grampa got mugged off by Wes of all people. What an L to take. Bonus point for representing gig wearers everywhere. 2/10

Charlie Williams:

Imagine Dr Virgin placing YOU on the subs bench. I am rolling just thinking about it 😂😭. I can’t even imagine what was going through her head from there on out. 3/10

Dean Overson:

Declared he fancied Meg. Kissed Meg. Dumped by Meg. Gone. Look at that photo ffs 😂 1/10

Jordan Adefeyisan:

The show wasn’t the same once he left. 0/10

Savanna Darnell:

Never stood a chance when they used the photo of her mid-sneeze as her promo picture 😂😂😂😂😂 I’d be raging if that was me. Turned up for a holiday. Did she even attempt to get to know someone? 1/10

Idris Virgo:

WAAAASSSZZZAAAPPPP. Where on earth did they drag this guy out from?! Creepy. His fireman dance was fucking iconic. Thanks for the memories. 8/10

Kieran Nicholls:

Oh Kieran, we hardly knew ye. 0/10

Laura Crane:

Surfer chick. Underhand tactics asking questions about the Old Laura in the lie detector test. Naughty. Loses points for that. 5/10

Josh Mair:

🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️. Responsible for one of the most awkward coupling up moments in TV history. 0.5/10

Stephanie Lam:

Feel like she would’ve been good had she come in from the start. Cried a lot. From St Albans so 100% loses ratings for that. 2.5/10

Now's a good time to give this another bump...

The undisputed King of Threads 👑…

Text message comes through. From one of the boss:

"Crying. Wife thinks it’s about the speeches. But you’re about to hit 9k and Mitro signed."

I love this game 😂


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