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Jul 30, 2018, 20 tweets

#NXIVM Unlocks Worlds
"#ArizonaMafia Goes to #Mexico" PART 3
It's not just a #SexCult In NY
#EmilianoSalinas #CarlosSalinas #CarlosSlim

2. Sorry about the broken threads! If I make one deletion or change, I cant add any more tweets. Ill be perfect the rest of the way out. Lets do this!

3. We left off that Emiliano's lawyers were arguing that there's no way Emiliano could have known about any of this.

Emiliano: "Keith Raniere?? Ive dont even know who the guy is!" [editorial comedic paraphrasing]

4. "That corroborates other sources who reported federal agents recently approached potential witnesses asking them how much certain Mexicans knew about various transactions with NXIVM."

5. "Within DOJ, there is conflict. Pro-Trump feds [Donoghue, certain NYC FBI agents, and others - #MAGA] want Emiliano indited for crimes they believe he committed. But the Dem-laden upper echelon at Main Justice is pushing back against indicting Salinas for political reasons."

6. "The fact they indicted a #Bronfman shows how serious the EDNY is about this case. Elites like Bronfman are not normally subjected to the same system of justice the average American is – not at the DOJ. Bronfman was undoubtedly a difficult charging decision."

7. (Side note - Bill Clinton also presented and gave Clare's father Edgar Bronfman the Presidential Medal of Freedom)

9. "Difficult as it was to get the go-ahead to charge Bronfman, charging Emiliano [a dual citizen] is more difficult and almost as serious a decision as it would be to charge a Clinton."

10. "Will the #ArizonaMafia be able to stave off an indictment of Emiliano – the current elephant in the room at the EDNY? If so, they conceivably run a risk of turning themselves into targets." [How can they get away with the visibilty level they have now defending NXIVM?]

11. "I feel it’s possible that, before the NXIVM case ends, several high-level U.S. Govt officials from the Obama era will be indicted. There’s also a real possibility that several law enforcement officials in the Albany, NY area will be indicted (They certainly deserve to be).

12. "Of course, the EDNY is being told that indicting Emiliano could result in an international incident between the U.S. and Mexico.
There is no guarantee that politics will not prevail and Emiliano will be spared being indicted."

13. [An "international incident"?! Cabal ready to go to war to stop this??]

14. "Carlos Salinas is a brilliant, evil genius. The extradited drug lord, Chapo Guzman, is a defendant right now – it has been said – as a gift from Carlos Salinas to Donald Trump. He was trading for future favors. Now, Carlos needs one from the DOJ."

15. "Still, this case has gone much farther than anyone expected. Who expected they would catch a Salinas when they were looking at a simple upstate NY cult sex trafficking case? Despite initial efforts to hang entire criminality on Rainere – it seems the case has grown bigger."

16. "There are signs now that the EDNY is prevailing against legal and political efforts in DC to slow them down." #maga #WWG1WGA

17. "It has been a learning process for EDNY prosecutors. I think it’s safe to say that a January 2019 trial date is unlikely."

18. "At some point, the media will follow the lead of the frankreport.com and start connecting the dots between money laundering, the Mexicans, the politicians, and other crimes – and find the fingerprints of #CarlosSalinas.
THEN, things will get truly interesting."

19. Time to #Maga - gotta work til later today More to come


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