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Jul 31, 2018, 17 tweets

1. #QAnon When California is in serious debt & loses priority aid from federal gov due to illegal "sanctuary" state status, fires are lit to declare state of emergency & request billions from rest of us.……… #Q

2. #QAnon: "The more you know", the stronger we are. The President of the
United States rejected priority aid to CA sanctuary. Response: Arson. "Sick people!"

3. #QAnon on 7/28/18 posted a curious comment "Those who you trust the most're the most evil. This is not a game." What did he mean?

4. #QAnon now, 7/30, writes more about "those you are taught to trust the most….. Dark to LIGHT": Global pedophile/abuse roundup. Project Safe Childhood activated, orig launched in DOJ before Hussein.……

5. #QAnon No Name/ Brennan/ Clapper/ Comey/ Rice/ Hussein met in WH to thwart @realDonaldTrump using "UK". New C_IA Dir Haspel (prior London station chief 2014-17) have proof? #Q…………

6. #QAnon responds to an anon on the man in black with shiv outside Avenatti's office. "Who supplied the FEED?" #Q They have info on Saudi Arabia & Clinton Foundation paying MA. They have it all w universal access. [Spook] in killbox.

7. After #QAnon's feed, Aveninni tweets this:

8. #QAnon: Aaaand "Right on schedule." @willsommer declares "‘#Q,’ the theory’s leader, sent followers there", and, "Avenatti Targeted in Person by QAnon, the Crazy Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory".…

Targeted by a theory. Priceless. The death of intellect.

9. #QAnon Another journalistic masterpiece: "sprawling" “fringe” belief held by “a very small number of people”. Um....what?… #Q

10. #QAnon Remember when Google used to be objective, apolitical, uncontaminated, trustworthy? At least #Q has a good sense of humor!

Getting mighty popular! "They are pushing the pizzagate / accusing actors of pedophilia angle.
they're skeeeeeerrrrd"

11. #QAnon gives credit to us for the rise of the QAnon phenomenon referencing all the media given,"Feel proud Autists, Anons, and Patriots. You did this!
You are taking back control.
You have the power.
Stay the course.

12. #QAnon: #EnemyOfThePeople MSM is obviously coordinated, not independent, making coordinated attacks on @POTUS, & on #Q. Who/what else is under attack by MSM? Faith? Family? Righteousness? Work? What do they know? Why won’t they ask obvious question? #WhoIsQ, Mr. President?

13. #QAnon "You cannot fool a massive group of dedicated gold star researchers..
This communications structure was designed for a very specific reason vs MSM #EnemyofThePeople telling us only what they want us to believe.

14. #QAnon “As alleged, Schulte betrayed our nation & violated his victims. Schulte took an oath to protect this country, but blatantly endangered it by the transmitting Classified Info & thousands of child porn images." #Vault7…… #Q

15. I think #QAnon is saying that Schulte's alleged release of classified info #Vault7 is what caused Julian Assange to be put off line. Included is an anons' bigger picture analysis. #Q

16. Most recent prior #QAnon thread is here:…

17. @threadreaderapp please unroll this latest #QAnon thread

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