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Jul 31, 2018, 40 tweets

I'm an year old employee of Sterlite copper.If I'm spending my weekend on Twitter to write about #STERLITE, it's not because of my pay hike(I'm not covered under appraisal yet) or the loyalty (I'm GenY and I can get job anywhere else) but simply because I believe in truth!

Being said that, we employees have tried our best possible to bring out the other side of story in Twitter about the #Sterliteprotest. Here we have come to our final stage.Aug 7th is going to be the final judgement! We are going to share all the #MythVsFacts here.

Nuetral Twitter users can go through and our technical experts shall explain you in case of any queries. We request you all the amplify this with maximum RT and save one good industry which have been contributing to major copper demand in India! Support us only if you believe in!

You can obviously raise questions but please don't bring any article by @thenewsminute @TheQuint @thewire_in @TheHindu or any liberal news paper as proof. Those are the analysis done by some 2nd STD kid!

Strictly no "Don't see data, see what people are feeling there" arguements here. Because those are the people who once believed Earth was flat! If we haven't believed and driven ourself in the way of data and science, we wouldnt have evolved

Myth 1: how can a company with "Zero" liquid discharge can pollute the ocean and when Nityanand jayaraman and Vaiko witnessed it directly in 2013 and accepted, why are they denying it now?

Here are some proofs !

Recent response to the parliament query regarding ground water contamination!

Rainfall was never affected! Tuticorin itself is a rain shadow area! Correlation between Sterlite and Rain is zero!

Myth 3- About the water consumption. This is personal favourites of wannabe YouTubers who said "Sterlite is having a secret tunnel under the land to suck out thamirabharani water"
Yes, they said this!

Myth 4- the biggest rumour! SO2 emissions are always well within the norms!

For more details, you can read about the air quality monitors that are kept across Tuticorin. Real time monitoring can be viewed in TNPCB website.

Been a pioneer in providing employement for Tamil Nadu.

Our Copper slag has been identified as Non toxic and non leachable by ITRC !

The biggest rumour. No proven data, but every single protester used this Cancer card against #Sterlite. When we asked Nityanand jayaraman about this, he escaped without answering. See my pinned tweet for more updates.

The major question, why it was fined 100crores has been answered here!

You must have seen many wannabe scientists coming up with reports on this, but please see how they all reacted when asked to explain.

Sudden nature lover's question on the Green belt :) here is your answer

For more proof, watch the video. This is in the township right in front of the factory ( The closest residential area)
Birds don't lie like @thenewsminute :3

Sorry that I disturbed the thread,
Please read the below tweets as well.

Our poralis favorite :)
People were unaware about the operations and they chased away the factory even before it started it's operation! You should feel pity for them, not benchmark with their ignorance -_-

Our final pitch :) our Fathima baby's favorite! When you have no proof or data to say it's polluting, accuse it's location :)

Some food for thought behind the whole protest-
I'm going to be extremely vocal and transparent about it and ready to face the threats and internet bullying from our protestors :)
Follow this space for more action ;)

Let me put some keywords for you :)
Nityanand jayaraman, Fathima Babu, Vaiko, NGOs like Thedal , Poovulagin nanbargal , The News Minute , Kamal Hasan , LTTE, Seeman :)

The famous environment activists - Nityanand Jayaraman and Piyush Manush has been behind this whole protest along with #Foilvedanta samarendra das. They gained the local attention through Fathima Babu!

When the protest started, it was reported that samarendra das came directly to tuticorin to brainwash the people and Instill many fears like infertility,cancer. Later none of them where able to answer any of the questions with data and evidences.

Bishop Ambrose and Mohan C Lazarus literally preached against Sterlite copper in their Church prayers and asked them to participate in the protest !

Pages like America thamizhagam( which has now changed it's name to manidham kaappom) we're exclusively formed to handle the twitter specae by the protestors only to spread hatred and false informations and trigger their emotions !
I couldn't tag the page, as they have blocked me

I sneaked into their WhatsApp group and monitored their actions! They literally made an open statement that "Our only aim is to close Sterlite, we should not worry whether they pollute or not" :)

Whenever Nitty brought an analysis, it was done by "Mark chernaik" a renowned scientist. Who also happens to be nitty's ex colleague in ELAW. Can we take those reports unbiased now? NO!

Dupont is a factory known for it's safety, even there accident has happened before. But when the same happens in Sterlite , look how it takes multiple colors and targets for closure!

Activists are leading a luxurious life flying across world and having a bunglow in besant nagar with beach view and they talk about crony corporates :) irony much? Can they disclose their source of income?

Reason why our bigboss fame Kamal Hasan was very supportive for the protest :3 when he said "Sterlite approached the local politicians to bribe them 8000crores" that's where I felt I should probably take classes on acting and be very confident in lieing from him :3

A mediocre local page was behind the whole social media marketing. The Page's growth is suspicious and unrealistic. They are well funded now even to.hire meme creators and video makers for them :3 #Jobopprtunities for modern poralis

The series of protests in TamilNadu has the same sequence
People welcomed -> brainwashing by bringing pollution, Heath issued and farmers sentiment -> group of NGOs supporting them taking common man tag -> rigorous social media promotion by NRIs -> fringe party support :)

And nowadays I don't see why nadigar Sangam is very active 🤣🤣 everyone is trying to take leverage of the situation.but we are the one who are believing blindly and supporting the protests.so we should take equal responsibility for the closure of #Sterlite

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