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Jul 31, 2018, 14 tweets

Every late night comedian last nite had a field day w/ #RudyGiuliani & his bizarre comments on @CNN & @FoxNews . Today #Trump officially adopted Rudy's insanity, saying there was no collusion, but if there was, it's not a crime so shut up Fake News. [more]…

We NY'ers have seen this whack-a-mole Rudy before. In May 2000 Mayor Rudy held a press conference & announced he'd been seeing Judith Nathan, and was using this press event to tell his wife, Donna Hanover, that he was divorcing her & wanted she & the kids out of {MORE}

Gracie Mansion immediately. He publicly threw his own kids out of house & home & Donna had no idea until the press calls poured in.…
In my book I HEARD THE SIRENS SCREAM I describe incidents in which he sided w/white NYPD cops against black victims [more]

I think the worst one was Abner Louima. Mike McAlary called it "a story to stop the city." Aug 1997 NYPD officers stripped the man naked publicly & then used a broomstick to sodomize a Haitian immigrant — married, w/two children — in a Brooklyn precinct bathroom. [MORE]

The NYPD attack -- on a man not charged w/a crime -- punctured Louima's bladder, tore his lower intestine & smashed most of his teeth. One of the four officers involved in the torture was sentenced to 30 years in prison.
Rudy's position, of course, was in defense of cops..[MORE]

The @NYDailyNews won a #Pulitzer for its coverage.…
Louima said, "I kept screaming, 'Why? Why?' All the cops heard me, but said nothing. What they said to me I'll never forget. In public, one says, 'You n----rs have to learn how to respect police' "

The officers dragged naked Louima thru station, then tossed him in a bathroom where torture began while they allegedly chanted, "It's Giuliani time!" - a reference to Rudy's support of white cops over all claims from citizens of color.…
Rudy said [more]

..something awful had happened to Louima, "no question" but "there may be inaccuracies in some of the things he said." And Rudy attacked ex-Mayor David Dinkins (an African-American) saying he tried to "use" the Louima horror "to racially divide the city."
Rudy insisted...

...only the NYPD could investigate the incident -- cops, deciding about other cops.
NY was an August tinderbox, ready to explode in riots, and Rudy was seen as protecting cops that commited torture.
Over following months two more unarmed black men were shot dead by NYPD [MORE]

Amadou Diallo, an African immigrant, who was filled with 41 police bullets as he reached for his ID, standing at his front door.
Rudy called the killing of an unarmed 23-yr-old frm Guinea “unfortunate” but pleaded that the police “should be given the benefit of the doubt”.

And 26-yr-old security guard Patrick Dorismond was shot by undercover NYPD officers who approached him outside a nightclub, asking to score weed. Dorismond said no, cops pressed, he shoved one saying he wasn't a drug dealer, not knowing they were cops.

The NYPD shot & killed Dorismond in front of many witnesses, most of whom said they never ID'ed themselves as police. Rudy's response was to cite a sealed juvenile record for disorderly conduct, saying Dorismond was "no altar boy". In fact he had attended the same Catholic [MORE] as Giuliani and had been an altar boy. Rudy portrayed Dorismond as a suspicious character, marijuana user, justifying the police killing.…
Today there's reason to believe Louima made up the "It's Giuliani time" NYPD shout,

...but there is no doubt that the time of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was one of the most racially charged periods in NYC history, during which Rudy bent & twisted truth, always in defence of police actions taken against black men.
And that's the truth (collusion or no collusion).

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