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Aug 1, 2018, 20 tweets

New York Times and Wall Street Journal, Link Manafort & McCain

-thread below-

McCain get hooked in Manafort case!

#WeDontSpeakHisName #ManafortTrial #ManafortMania #QAnon #QArmy #DrainTheSwamp #DrainTheDeepState #ObamaGate #McCain @nytimes @WSJ @PaulManafort #Putin #Ukraine

(2) In June 2008 @BarryMeier at the New York Times revealed that @SenJohnMcCain's campaign manager, @realrickdavis, was also Paul Manafort's partner at Davis Manafort, LLC

(3) Senator John McCain knew what Chris Davis and Paul Manafort were up to since 2005.

(4) Here's a link to the full NY Times Story.


(5) Here are the authors of another story, this time from the @WSJ, May 2008, do you recognize the two young journalist who later married and became famous?

(6) Well now!

It is no other than Glenn Simpson and his wife Mary Jacoby

(7) Here is a link to the story, unpacking below.


(8) The story "McCain Consultnt Tied To Work for Ukraine Party" describes (in a cryptic way) how the company Davis Manafort LLC, paid another company Daniel J. Edelman Inc., (parent company of prominent PR firm Edelman) to promote "The Party of Regions"

(9) Who is "The Party of Regions"

(10) Putin campaigned for The Party of Regions President Viktor Yanukovich

(11) Look who is credited with the name

The Party of Regions

(12) Davis Manafort hired Edelman as a foreign lobby but failed to report it, violating U.S. law. Davis Manafort paid Edelman $35,000 a month retainer

(13) Davis Manafort directed Edelman to influence U.S. public opinion in favor of The Party of Regions through top US Media and experts.

(14) Almost all the work targeted the US

(15) Here is the full filing and agreement between Davis Manafort and Edelman including the SOW (scope of work)


(16) Summary scope of work

(17) FARA - Foreign Agents Registration Act requires registration within 10 days of agreeing to represent a foreign country.


(18) Davis Manafort and Edelman signed this agreement on May 31st 2007 and did not file until the issue became public.

They filed July 25th 2008, that is a Felony.

(19) I think Davis and McCain are in big trouble.


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