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Aug 1, 2018, 14 tweets

Did you know: Hillary Clinton & Andrew McCabe, who headed the FBI's probe of her email fiasco, were neighbors, living 1/2 mile from each other for 7 yrs (same neighborhood). "Andy" was put in charge of HRC investigation February 2016, according to the FBI 24 October 2016


Terry McAuliffe put up $1.35M in cash as collateral for their loan. The Clintons made a downpaymet of 20% ($350,000) from a trust. McAuliffe raised more money for Bill Clinton's Presidential Campaigns than anyone. He's been Chairman of DNC & Virginia Governor since 2014.


McCabe was promoted to FBI D.C. headquarters 2006 as Unit Chief of Counterterrorism matters. He started with the FBI in 1996 in NYC.

Peter Strzok is working in the HR Dept of federal govt. He has access to McCabe's personnel file.

McCabe then heads HRC investigation Feb 2016.

Strzok's Testimony of the Internal Affairs Report… (568 page pdf)

In the report, who were the 3 witnesses offered immunity agreements 'Queen for the Day'…


NYPD finds HRC 650,000 emails on Weiner's laptop 28 September 2016, 6 weeks before 2016 Presidential election.…

Strzok's appointed lead investigator on the case.

Strzok tells Congress [1:46 to 2:39] IG Michael Horowitz said Peter "Strzok told us he did not consider the new information all that noteworthy." If discovery were 'not a big deal' why on same date did 39 FBI execs video conf w/ NY's FBI office re emails?

Purpose of the #IGreport was to investigate any wrongdoing by the FBI.… 14 June 2018

William Sweeney (above) in charge of FBI's NY ofc. Only 3 outranked Sweeney: Comey, Asst Directors Priestap & McCabe. Sweeney was never asked to testify before Congress.

Text messages from Strzok dated 28 September 2016 are from Senate Report… (502 pg PDF)

29 September 2016, Sweeney asks McCabe & Priestap for a new warrant. It is needed to review Hillary's emails.

Comey reopens HRC investigation 27 Oct 2016 (1 mo later).

30 Oct 2016 FBI submits new warrant for the laptop with Hillary's 650,000 emails, 31 days after FBI's Sweeney requested his superiors to issue one.… (21 page warrant, PDF)

The warrant was so narrow, it reduced 650,000 emails to 6,000, nothing else!


Congress never asked for Strzoks report, which Comey based his decision upon, to reopen the HRC email case.

Comey said he's shutting down HRC email investigation 2 days before 2016 Presidential elections.…

The laptop contained appx 1,355,980 items/files.

"Anthony Weiner Laptop Review for Communications Pertinent to Midyear Exam" FBI's Operational Technical Division report 15 November 2016, referenced in the #IGreport Why is this document not available?

So many conflicting claims re Weiner laptop!…


Why was search warrant limited to "HRC emails" only? Appx 48,982 items on Weiner laptop reviewed by FBI. Why wasn't add'l HRC files on laptop reviewed? Laptop contained appx 1,355,980 items/files.

IG's Executive Summary…


Strzok's "insurance policy" is his wife, SEC Director Melissa Hodgman, who's blocked FBI's probe of Clinton Foundation for 21 months & counting... She was appointed to her current position 2 days after her husband found out that NY FBI ofc found 650,000 emails on Weiners laptop!

Strzok's wife's Press Release, announcing her new position… with the SEC at the beginning of the HRC email investigation case.


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