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Aug 1, 2018, 13 tweets

1. New #qanon. The msm has taken Q mainstream as demonstrated by all the articles re Q at Potus rally. Q says there are about 300 to 350 million eyes on q on 8chan and 52-58 million following. This is world wide and massive! More have commons sense than msm! #wwg1wga

2. Qanon points out how twitter got 4am memo from clowns and is coordinating with msm. Twitter messing with qanon search algorithms and even though qanon searches are over 119k, comes up as number 17 on search list #wwg1wga

3. Sarah Sanders was just asked about Q from msm...she did a good job avoiding saying to much...#Qanon just posted and said MSM has yet to ask @Potus, and there's less than 10 who know who is on Q team...#wwg1wga

4. Q explains that the #Qanon movement is now mainstream...The MSM has played into @Potus and Q's hand...everyone is talking about Q...the public is going to look into who Q is....brilliant strategy by the President..coordinated attacks against Q and board continue...#wwg1wga

4. #Qanon just provided 3 more samples of the msm making Q go public...Qanon was prepared for exactly what's taking place and is way out ahead of it to lead the pubic to this knowledge...#wwg1wga

5. Why isn't FoxNews part of the coordinated msm blitz attacks Q just asked? because many of the FNC journalists such as Hannity are apprised of the Q team and are working with the Q team (maybe not directly) to disseminate information to the public...#wwg1wga #qanon

6. Q has previously mentioned Sara Carter and Hannity and their involvement in working with @POTUS to get the message out re: the Deep State attacks against fact, Qanon told us at one point Hannity and Carter received Secret Service protection due to threats...

7. #Qanon posts again and asks "what happens when you're a threat to the msm/old guard"...Q links to an NBC article: "Reddit announces data breach that threatens anonymity of users..." not a typical...this is laughable...#wwg1wga @potus #controlledmsm

8. This has been an interesting day; I have noticed a huge increase in people asking basic questions about #Qanon, asking for explanations of what Q is about...I've been getting DMs from people who are just now finding out about Q...this movement is massive and growing! #wwg1wga

9. There are so many #Qanon posts it's hard to go back and correlate prior theme posts, but here's another..."Game Theory"...Q first posted this term Nov 5, 2017. #wwg1wga

10. #Qanon is trolling Juan Williams from is fun....right after Q mentions FNC, Juan Williams asks "why do all these Qanon folks like Potus"...#wwg1wga @potus

11. Game Theory...#Qanon also mentioned this in Nov. 2 post...@POTUS and Q team has implemented brilliant strategy to keep Q team to less than 10, with 7 of those members being military...they follow orders and never divulge...this is vital to protect the mission and surprise..

12....time to go mow the yard, but before I do, remember #Qanon post from June 27...."Read the Bible...God Wins"! #wwg1wga @potus

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