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Aug 4, 2018, 7 tweets

We all know @realDonaldTrump is THE MASTER TROLLER...

...and did he just smack down #LebronJames and #DonLemon — AND confirm Q’s post about possessing the servers?

Judge for yourselves. #23 #QAnon 👇

Lebron James jersey number is 23.

Mike (is Michael Jordan) - his jersey number was also 23.

Time stamp of 8:37pm is 23 minutes before 9:00.

That’s 3 instances of the number 23.

#QAnon 👇

I was reading the great awakening board on Reddit and found a fascinating post by SerialBrain2 regarding the missing servers from a few days back.

“Now comes the Pain - 23”
Check it out. #QAnon


The 23 relates back to the infamous chess game that Julian Assange first tweeted out back a few months back in which the American beat the Russian on the 23rd move, first sacrificing his queen.

The 23rd move was CHECKMATE. @55true4u is in agreement with me.


23 is also interesting for another reason...

Federal Grand Juries.

Rule 6 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure requires between 16-23 members need to be seated for one.


Back to the SerialBrain2 Reddit post & confirmed in last night’s Q post...

“We have the servers.”

And we now know there are at least 4 of them.

Speaking of 4, it is the next number in the sequence of 2-3-...4. So should we be looking for a ‘4’ from @realDonaldTrump too? #QAnon

We should and I found one. In fact, it was within a tweet sent BEFORE the Lebron/Don Lemon/MJ tweet.

First, how many 4’s do you see?

I see Four 4’s...for 4 servers.

Back to this tweet coming before the 23 tweet...sequence 2-3-4...or 4-3-2. Are we in a countdown? 😉 #QAnon

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