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Aug 7, 2018, 7 tweets

Seven years ago today, 20 Americans warriors aboard extortion 17 perished in the single largest loss of life in Navy Seal history - among them was Aaron Vaughn, a Seal Team six hero & beloved husband, father, son & brother.

Please pray for his family & all those who love him

Never Forget NAVY SEAL Aaron Vaughn!

Aaron gave his life to protect our freedoms & liberties

Aaron sacrificed his life for YOU.
Aaron's wife sacrificed her husband for YOU.
Aaron's parents Billy & Karen sacrificed their son for YOU.

We ALL must fight to preserve our FREEDOMS!

seI never met Navy Seal, Aaron Vaughn, but he has changed my life. Aaron's courage and sacrifices motivate me every day to keep fighting to expose the truth about those trying to harm America.

We must all live a life worthy of the sacrifices Aaron & his family have made for us!

I have been blessed with the honor of knowing Navy Seal hero, Aaron Vaughn's amazing parents, Billy & Karen Vaughn.

Billy & Karen are two of the most faithful, loving, courageous, patriotic parents & Americans I have ever met in my life.

It is not surprising they raised a hero!

Tara Vaughn, created Operation 300, a not-for-profit adventure camp for children who have lost their fathers as a result of military service.

Tara created Operation 300, to honor her brother, Navy Seal Aaron Vaughn, & help those suffering!

Please Donate👉

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ was tattoo on Aaron Vaughn's Left Forearm

Billy Vaughn, Aaron's dad, has the same tattoo in honor of his son

“Come and get them!”: was resolved in Aaron's heart that he would NEVER lay down his arms to a tyrant, foreign or domestic! #Hero…

Thank you Billy & Karen Vaughn for bringing up a truly great man of honor, strength and character. Aaron was was a beautiful reflection of your love

May God bless you and comfort you always. I'm so proud to call you both friend's & thank you for all you do for America! #Respect

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