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Aug 7, 2018, 9 tweets

Mr. @POTUS #Trump the #MendocinoComplexFires now = LARGEST in #California history, yet you haven't shown a modicum of compassion or concern. Rather, you've made bizarrely blamed "bad environmental laws," failure to chop down trees & water dumping.
Let's look at reality:

1.) Western America is historically prone to drought cycles, but the last 20 yrs have broken all records. Groundwater is no longer replenished, and year-2-yr changes are visible from Space. (red = 100% loss of ground H20) [more]…

2.) Temperatures are soaring, with mean seasonal heat higher annually. California, to put it in your simple terms @realDonaldTrump , is getting HOTTER.

3.) After years of severe drought 2016-17 was an #ElNino period with rain. But not enough fell to offset drought -- just enough to make grasslands bloom with knee-high weeds. The 2018 drought turned all that grass into tinder like this. [more]

4.) You claim Mr #Trump that failure to chop down trees fueled #MendocinoComplexFires & #CarrFire but neither area is in the regional timber zone -- both are far to the east & what's burning is grass + brush + homes. (Has the lumber industry been whispering in your ear?)

5.) You also claim Mr #Trump that Calif is "dumping water" into the oceans.…
No, Sir -- it has no water to dump anywhere. CA water comes from snow & rain, feeding its streams & rivers -- both have fallen sharply.

6.) Meanwhile, Mr #Trump you have said nothing about:
- more than 14,000 firefighters from all over the world;
- 1000s more 1st responders' lives on the line
- the #CarrFire is only 47% controlled & has claimed 260 sq miles, 1077 homes
- the #MendocinoComplexFire has...

7.) burned 290,692 acres, that's 454 square miles, less than 20% under control.
Your statement abt "dumping water" into oceans? Could that be a right wing reference to fights to save the salmon by tearing down some dams? Yes? Logging industry lie.…

8.) As California burns, without a word of genuine concern from the @WhiteHouse I think the real database relevant to your remarks, Mr. @realDonaldTrump is this one:…

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