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Sup @HillaryClinton?
You know...we know everything, right?
#SemperFi #GoodTalk #ThePain
#MAGA #CampSevenBucketsPlease
#QAnon #WarriorWednesday #GTMO #WWG1WGA

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton Hillary, do remember what @BillClinton transferred to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building? We do.
Checkmate...@POTUS literally blocked the Clinton’s back path to power.
Hindsight is a very powerful thing.
If history is edited & erased, how will we see? They want you blind.

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @BillClinton @POTUS I knew your “sugar daddy” Hillary.
He was a friend of the FAMILY.
He’s dead now.
Maybe it’d be better if you called Boss and negotiated the “perp walk”. NOW please.
Unless you want me to keep talking?

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @BillClinton @POTUS “I got a hundred years of down home, running through my blood.”

“I was born country, and this country’s what I love.”

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @BillClinton @POTUS This is a national guard armory.

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton Let’s re-examine Col Roberts report. Now that we know how and by whom the game is played.

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton So H, I just sent the Col an email, we have so much to discuss. I have his missing corner piece.

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton 😴🚬☕️
Once upon a time...

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton .@Walmart used to carry handguns.

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart The weapons were stored in glass cases, much like anything of value in a retail store.

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart The keys to these cases were entrusted to:
Store Manager
Assistant Manager
Sporting Goods Dept Manager
Extra’s were stored in the cash office safe.

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart Buy the mid eighties, cctv (captured on *beta tapes) and rudimentary intrusion system’s were standard.
*pre VHS

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart Just so you understand where I’m coming from Hillary. This song was never released publicly. I have the words memorized....

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart “...from Florida to Texas,
and Tennessee too.
Kentucky to Arkansas,
what’s import is YOU.”
“We can shine,
we can shine,
we. can. shine.”
repeat x1
“If we all pull together,
we can shine in 89.”
~annual shareholders meeting 87-88

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart Protocols
Alarms Systems monitored by the Corp Office in Bentonville, AR.
In the event of an alarm activation, Corp would notify local LEO’s and the store manager (SM). All would respond immediately to the store.
LEO’s did not have keys! The SM would unlock the doors, and allow

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart LEO’s entry to assess and neutralize the threat...
Mind you I said rudimentary systems.
So miss fires were common, a bird hit a door, a drunk banging on a hatch, kids climbing rooftop access ladders...
Note: Walmart stores were not open 24 hours a day until the late 1990’s.

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart I see you H. Not gonna stop me this time. Statutes may expire, but the memory of a child never does.
Just like Sarah, I am a daughter who knows everything and chose the right path. While some like Chelsea took the low road.
H tell the class why Boss chose Sarah...

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart This is George Nigh, former Governor of Oklahoma, who served while Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas.
Apparently the “Lincoln bedroom stay” is really a thing?!
Of course all 800+ guests of the Clinton’s, denied the bribery allegations. 🙄

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart I realize I’m driving two trains, but assure you they’ll converge, right H?

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart Fast-forward to January, 2008.
Here is Bill Clinton NOT requiring Gov Nigh to pay for his Lincoln Bedroom Stay, 15yrs earlier. #ImWithHer...clearly 🙄

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart So...from 1983-1987,
As we discussed, Bill and George commanded their respective neighboring National Guards.

What else would these two men command?

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart Ahh yes I remember now.

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart And in OK...?
Well, theirs got blown to hell.

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart I idolized him.
My trust was misplaced.

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart Saturday April 4th, 1992


“Is your Mother home?”
(Yes, but she’s very sick.)
“This is Bentonville, we have Mr. Sam on the line, for your Mother?”
(Let me wake Her.)

I listened in.

Sam Walton, died the next day.

On my Mother’s birthday.

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart Rewind 1929 (perspective)
This building was owned by my family. One of my family’s businesses was located on the first floor. The second floor contained storage. The two upper decks housed the towns Masonic Temple.

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart Hilz, tell the class what the Granddaughter of a thirty three degree #G knows?
A: Everything.

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart I’m sure we all know about #Mena.
But did you know it was replicated across the country...

Firearms are needed for security, bartering and executions.

Unfortunately as FF proved their always traceable, unless...

Last year when most of my memories returned and I began to piece

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart everything together, I recieved a warning. fox16.com/news/update-on…

@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @Walmart Somewhere in the [original] capital of Oklahoma...*0300 1985-86ish
“This is Bentonville, is your Mother Home?”...
For the civilians in the room, 3 a.m. is affectionately referred to as the “witching” hour.

*No shit

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