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Aug 10, 2018, 7 tweets

1. So many hit pieces on @DevinNunes fm the past 24 hours. 4am Secure Drop for Mockingbird Media. They know [20] unredacted pages fm FISA investigation are bad!

Click here for links:

Wonder what our AF B-52s are "eradicating".…

2. Here we go! Previews are over. Show time!

Here's the link to the looped clip Q responded! 😂… deadpool KEEek.mp4&loop=1


3. The anons are VERY comfy...and ready for the show! Just a few of their responses to Q's last drop!

4. Holy crap! Looks like all the guilty parties involved in Spygate! I suspect this is what is in the unredacted [20] pages we will see (tomorrow?). LL was offered SCOTUS appointment to drop HRC email investigation. Not sure yet on all the abbreviations. Some anon guesses posted.

5. Page & Manafort were plants - Mueller investigating. Don't recall non-US person arrested. Curious re: others 'placed' & who they connect to (future). Nellie Ohr prev worked at Camp Peary (aka FARM - Clown tng facility).…

6. Wow. I just dialed the number and got VM: "You have reached the National Human Trafficking Hotline".

The full VM...thanks @EducateOneself!

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