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Aug 10, 2018, 12 tweets

#QDrop 8/10/18 (evening)

They never thought she would lose. #LOSER

This is telling us that they've been infiltrated by NON-Q, and that now it's cleaned out.

Confirmation of this infiltration.

Stay strong. Stay united. Stay together.


Infiltration notice

Honeypot - and they just can't keep their hands off it.

Fish nibbling at the honeypot.....busted and called out. WTG, #Q!

Remember, we are surrounded by evil. Shine on patriots. Shine that light as bright as you can.

An Anon mentions Haiti......

Q replies:

(Patriots, we must pray for God's divine intervention, and in the end, God wins!)

Think about what Q's saying. "Why are D's against implementing I.D. laws for voting?" We know this answer right? We've seen what they've been pushing and who they've been pushing FOR.


The world is watching!

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