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Aug 12, 2018, 38 tweets

At the Vienna Metro station outside DC where buses are arriving to pick up the #UniteTheRight2 and take them to DC

Lots of cops and reporters at the station. Couple of counter-protesters. No sign of the new-dash

Police chatting in a couple groups around the station. This blonde woman got off a bus and started directing them, now talking to police

Police taping up the area at Vienna metro

Sheriff’s office looking tactical, donning Blue Lives Matter patches

K-9’s, zip-ties, at the ready

This cop’s got TWO batons

Someone drew a Star of David with chalk. Reporters sitting in the bus waiting area. Still no sign of #UnitetheRight2

Protesters show up with som more radical signs. This guy calls to give Nazis a platform: the guillotine

More counter-protesters showing up. Still no sign of #UnitetheRight2

Abundantly clear what people are protesting at Vienna metro, where #UnitetheRight2 is heading before they hit DC

Protesters are furious police closed the highway overpass

Riot cops moving in

Police form a double-sided line to protect #UnitetheRight2 as they make their way into metro

Still getting ready

A couple helicopters overhead

Police setting up bike barricades

#UnitetheRight2 finally shows up. Jason Kessler refuses to answer my question of why they’re celebrating the murder of #HeatherHyer. One protester arrested

Metro was letting people off as #UnitetheRight2 was getting let on. Not a smart move. Kessler seems to have a very unimpressive turnout. Maybe 60?

Shorter video of me confrontating #UnitetheRight2 organizer Jason Kessler.

Kessler totally stupified when I ask him why they’re celebrating #HeatherHyer’s murder. “Get this guy back,” he orders his goons

#UnitetheRight2 greeted with resounding boo’s exiting Foggy Bottom metro

Counter protesters take the streets tailing #UnitetheRight2

Extremely tight police line around Kessler and company. Protesters chant “Shame!”

“We will, in fact, replace you.”

#Antifa marching to the White Hous, chants “One solution, revolution” #UnitetheRight2

Here’s the scene outside Lafayette Park. Police blocking the entrance, #antifa occupying the streets outside #UniteTheRight2


More anarchists show up. Big crowd outside the entrance to Lafayette Park where #UniteTheRight2 is rallying

#Antifa marching now

Barricades set in the streets by #antifa

Sulfur gas deployed. Cop whips out his baton, curses at people. Reporters get pushed into the streets #antifa #UnitetheRightDC

Here’s the gas

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