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Aug 13, 2018, 35 tweets

In last night's #VintageMagTweets I asked how come boys are generally raised to be confident, and girls to be compliant (and the impact that has on their education and career progress). Well, today I was in Primark and I had a look at the messages on girls'and boys' T shirts.

Here are what the boys' T shirts told them they are/can do:

Is this what girls are being told about themselves? What message are they being given about what's important?

5 minutes - no more - assures girls their chief duties are to be lovable, beautiful, shimmery, magical, sparkly, smiley and dreamy.

Meanwhile boys get on with being epic, the boss, awesome, rule-breaking, fearless and legendary.

I'd say we have a problem here.

Although, honorary mention to just 2 of the hundreds of T shirts labelled as being for girls:

So it can be done!

Forgot to say, if you want more examples, or it's a subject you're interested in, do follow @letclothesbe
And @LetToysBeToys while you're at it!

A friend just sent me this. Boys' clothes are for doing, for moving about in the world and exploring. Girls' clothes are for looking pretty.

Two last points: for those who say, 'Well don't shop in Primark', it's not just Primark. This stuff is everywhere, on clothes and bags and pencil cases. You cannot escape the messages. And even if parents see through it, many girls will be too scared to try and be different.

Because the power of peer pressure is insane.

And yes, I do think the issue of appallingly-paid workers providing ultra cheap clothing is something we need to be shouting about as well. Just so we're clear.

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