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Aug 14, 2018, 15 tweets

Total Democracy is rigged to fail society..eventually.

Its a thread.

From @OxfordUnion by @mehdirhasan with @dambisamoyo.

This also includes three other people.

Number 1 was previously a politician who now works with policy.

The joint no 2s are well respected "whatyacallits"

First, I have to send my regards to the interviewer who always found to bring out the best, here or the worst , eg @obyezeks....in the end, the truth from all and every person interviewed.

The whole discourse was based on the seemingly crazy ideas of @dambisamoyo in #edgeofchaos

She argued that in order for Developing countries to have any chance of attaining development, #Democracy needs to be tinkered with.

She drove home the point by directing to China and the miracle they pulled off within one generation.

Initially a skeptic, I got to think.....

Just to drive home her point finally...and to my total acceptance, @dambisamoyo went on to talk about the period of real development by the Western countries. She tasked the audience on how much freedom there really was.

Remember Suffrage and the Civil Rights Movements?

Her second book, above ☝️👆which is being discussed, got to me as a person, who have long felt it is double standard for the Western countries to hold African countries to certain criteria they didn't have to uphold while they were growing, is a way to ensure Africa stays back.

The panel had a nice mix though.

The basic conservatives who said the expected bandwagon stuff and went through the academic rounds...and then, the gentleman bending down in this picture laughing at verbal jabs at @mehdirhasan. Such an open mind and I think, more realistic.

In the end, I saw the African members of the crowd, including others, nodding at her ideas.

This reminds me of the question posed on Kagame's Rwanda by this dude 👇about civil rights been limited in order to increase general prosperity.

In Nigeria, we ask "Na rights I go chop?"

In Europe, the rise of Nationalism (#BREXIT and @realDonaldTrump and the alt-right movements) truly shows that unless something is done to reverse trends of "senseless freedom of Capitalism" causing vast inequality, then we would be undoubtedly endangering democracy in total.

@Oxfam rep tried to wrongly insinuate that aid organisations helped improve conditions in Africa.

@dambisamoyo , with a glint in her eye opined feverishly that Foreign Aid has always been in Africa for all of 60 years. How come Africa's growth coincided when China opened trade?

@Demurleigh I think @dambisamoyo's book didn't ask for an end to democracy. It just referred to an end of "Democracy without responsibility" as it is practiced now.

1. A civics class is necessary to determine the power of vote.
2. Government is responsible for funding it

3. Voting has to be mandatory and the class also has to be the same. (but a None or write-in should be an option)

These are ideas floated but none of them are actually new to the world.

1. All naturalised citizens do it
2. Super delegates in USA
3. In Argentina + some of Europe

At least, we all know thatin the USA, The Super Delegates' vote outweigh the peoples'

With this premise, every citizen can be one as long as you are well read and are able to take the basic citizenship test AND PASS.

If not, you get half-point vote.



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