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Aug 14, 2018, 9 tweets

Real Time w/@billmaher wkly talk show produced @CBS Television City in LA &airs @HBO -Should b canceled just like his prev show 'Politically Incorrect' on Comedy Central-He posts same 'RACIST image' as @realroseanne_
@RealTimeHBO @CBSTVStudiosofficial #CBSTVStudios @RealTimers

WTH is "Kid Love Productions" ? @billmaher - Surely you're aware that's a pedophile term

Going on vaca to an island - "Hey Epstein, gas up the plane, let's go to Sex Island. I want to be balls deep in Russian whore soon" -Mind you, this remark is from Mar2015 & his reference to Putin is from Aug2013.
Bill Maher (center) with Jeff Ross (left) & Woody Harrelson (right)

Birds of a feather? Bill Maher -n- Anthony Weiner

Blll Maher tries to be funny......all for a LARP ?

Q1843-Q calls out Bill Maher - "Do you remember their names? We do."
Look what women who know him say in their tweets

Ex-playmate, @Robbin_Young tweets a reply to Bill Maher tellng him, "You Definitely Need Help!"

Bill Maher arrives in costume at Adam Lavine’s 2014 Halloween Party in Studio City -- Check out his RED SHOES🀄️bossip.com/1057118/more-o…


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