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Aug 14, 2018, 12 tweets

I love feeds and the people I follow on Twitter.

To make it easier to add the websites of the accounts I follow to @feedly, I wrote a little tool that looks for feeds in your URLs and puts them in an OPML file.

Try it with your followings:

1. Login with your Twitter account
2. Keep the tab open until the download starts*
3. Import the OPML-file with your favorite feed reader
4. Enjoy unfiltered content

* It takes a lot of time, because the tool has to visit every website to search for the feed.

Bonus step: Unfollow feeds that publish too much content you aren't interested in.

Choose the "Twitter Followings" category and sort by stories per month.

So many inactive feeds.

Why am I tweeting this instead of writing a blog post?

This article by @SimonHurtz for @SZ_Digital prompted me to finally create that tool.

Working on v2 which should be less error prone. No OPML download yet, but you can look at all the websites and feeds of your followings in the browser: #RSS

Version 2 is now live at

Export website feeds of up to 2 000 Twitter accounts. Now with Feedly follow buttons for selective subscribing.

Just found a bug with the generated OPML, because websites use weird RSS-links. Will try to fix it tomorrow.

Fixed the bug by removing all query strings.

Of the 1 466 accounts I follow, 1 105 have a working URL in their URL field. Of those 620 got a discoverable feed. I was able to import 584 to my feed reader.

Fixed some things.
- Multiple feeds. If a website has more than one feed, they will show all up now.
- Comments feeds. If the url contains "comment" they get their own label/folder.
- Titles. Titles and https addresses are saved as defined in the OPML spec.

Needs input: How to handle feeds that are the same thing but in different formats. Many websites got an RSS and Atom feed.

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