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Aug 15, 2018, 26 tweets

#BREAKING Trump revokes ex-CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance. Sarah Huckabee Sanders reads statement calling him a liar and says he’s sowing division and chaos. Reads off more names of top Trump critics.

Reporter to Sarah HS: The List of people whose security clearances TRump is considering revoking besides John Brennan’s are only Democrats. Why should Americans have confidence you’re taking this seriously if not a single Republican—not even Flynn who lied to FBI—is on that list?

The White House truly was Kremlin annex today. Petty vindictive Trump abuses power to blacklist ppl who happen to know about Russia, smearing & intimidating them for exercising their First Amendment right to criticize a dangerously unfit POTUS. Send gratitude, follow @JohnBrennan

@JohnBrennan Abuse of power, authoritarian, unconstitutional & Orwellian. Trump revoked ex-CIA Brennan's security clearance for "unfounded & outrageous allegations…wild outbursts…frenzied commentary on the internet & TV." Clear retaliation for political speech—the most protected by Amend1.

@JohnBrennan Trump revoking Brennan's security clearance for speaking truth to power is an attack on us all. He chills dissent & harms national security. All to discredit ppl who know a lot about Trump's Russia problem. He's ticking down his enemies list—not coincidentally, also Putin's list.

@JohnBrennan .@GenMhayden: WH threatened the entire American intelligence community. If you disagree w/ or upset Trump, he will punish you. It's personal, vindictive & misuse of power. Brennan's experience gives him legitimacy & Trump couldn't take it. He's trying to delegitimize his critics.

@JohnBrennan @GenMhayden Trump proved again today why he's Putin's dream & America's nightmare. Corrupt & corruptible, Trump delegitimizes American rule-of-law, rights, norms. If US fails, Russians needn't aspire to democracy or something better than Putin. John Brennan called it out May 2017 (THREAD 👇)

🔥@MalcolmNance: John Brennan is the man that killed Osama bin Laden on President Obama's order by integrating CIA assets, producing the intelligence, passing it on to special mission fighters who executed that mission. His unique knowledge must be shared.

@MalcolmNance Where does Trump's abuse of power in punishing Brennan for personal reasons end? We have norms to prevent such abuse. If we get used to norm-breaking, what prevents him doing more outrageous things, like revoking Mueller team security clearances?? I've worried about this before.

@MalcolmNance It's our duty to call out Trump's abuses of power corrupting one norm after another. Punishing critics is textbook dictator. Don't become inured to his petty autocracy. It's dangerous. This isn't a drill but it is a test. Silence to keep power is no longer an option, Republicans.

"I call it the rigged witch hunt. And these people led it! It had to be done." Trump Revokes Ex-CIA Director John Brennan’s Security Clearance, Threatens to Revoke Others Over the Investigation of Russia’s Interference in the 2016 Election - WSJ wsj.com/articles/trump…

"President Trump’s Claims of No Collusion With Russia Are Hogwash"— More devastating, inescapable & unvarnished truth from ex-CIA Director @JohnBrennan nytimes.com/2018/08/16/opi…

🇺🇸 #Solidarity 🇺🇸 🔥Admiral McRaven (who led Osama bin Laden raid) pens open critical letter to Trump: “John Brennan is one of the finest public servants I have ever known. Revoke my security clearance, too.” wapo.st/2OG8gCS?tid=ss…

🔥Admiral #McRaven: “You [Trump] have embarrassed us in the eyes of our children, humiliated us on the world stage and—worst of all—divided us as a nation…If you think for a moment your McCarthy-era tactics will suppress the voices of criticism, you are sadly mistaken” #Brennan

Wow >> A DOZEN former intel chiefs who served Republican & Democratic presidents raise 🚨alarms🚨about Trump's punitive & political revocation of John Brennan's security clearance—Webster, Tenet, Goss, Hayden, Panetta, Petraeus, Clapper, McLaughlin, Kappes, Morell, Haines, Cohen.

Brennan didn't say "treasonous" lightly. That he spoke truth is proved by Trump's escalating abuses of power—character assassination of witnesses/investigators, revoking security clearances which damages US natsec—while openly pursuing Russia's interests. 60 more CIA back Brennan

WOW Imagine how bad things must be that Trump's got WH lawyers drafting more punitive political security clearance cancellations—putting US national security at risk—in order to roll them out when worse news breaks. Your monster, Republicans. DO SOMETHING! washingtonpost.com/politics/forme…

NEW: White House official confirms that the step against @JohnBrennan (revoking his security clearance) was made this week to divert attention from nonstop coverage of a critical book released by fired Trump aide @Omarosa. And he's preparing more, like little propaganda grenades.

.@JohnBrennan: I'm not shocked at all the appalling things Mr Trump has done. This is an egregious act, flies in the face of trad'l practice as well as national security. The outcry isn't about me. Security clearances are sacred and should never be used politically. #Maddow

Brennan: I wish I didn't have to say these things. What really gets under my skin is Trump's lack of decency, integrity, honesty, commitment to this country's well-being & national security. I hoped he wld change. He didn't live up to what Americans expect from the POTUS. #Maddow

John Brennan: I know what the Russians did. For Trump to stand in Helsinki & say 'why would they interfere' & call it a 'witch hunt', to continue to prevaricate about an attack on foundational principle of our republic, yes, it's nothing short of treasonous. #Maddow

Brennan: Trump's using security clearances as PR pawn. He's drunk w/ power & abusing it. The country's in crisis. As things get increasingly tough, how desperate will be become? What else wd he do to distract? Repubs make excuses for someone who doesn't deserve this type of leash

That was a stunning interview. @JohnBrennan spoke plainly about all the early concerns we've had about Trump, and, the ways in which our worst fears are coming to fruition every day. This clip about what a desperate Trump may do is really chilling. #Maddow

@JohnBrennan ICYMI "These are frightening times." @JohnBrennan tells @Maddow he hoped Trump would live up to solemn responsibility of presidency but has deeply disappointed. He trashes America's reputation & security. We're in a national crisis.

Full #Maddow interview

🔥🎯 Historian @jmeacham says not only did @JohnBrennan have a right to call Trump treasonous, he had a duty as a statesman to say it if he felt it appropriate. Treason is defined in our constitution as giving aid & comfort to an enemy. This isn’t a time to dance around words.

Historian Jon Meacham nails the transcendent issue in Trump’s alarming attacks on Russia investigators, witnesses & critics: @JohnBrennan not only exercised his RIGHT to call out treasonous behavior. He expressed the DUTY of every American to speak the truth loudly and clearly.

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