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Aug 16, 2018, 16 tweets

Will twitter allow Bruce Ohr to trend now or naw? lol

Tell me there aren't more than 2.5k tweets about Bruce Ohr right now Twitter. Come on and tell me lol.

Foles now Trending but Ohr isn't. lol.

Literally nobodies trending right now but not Bruce Ohr

Roman Quinn is a baseball man. Ronald Darby plays football in preseason games.

Bruce Ohr was 2nd in the DOJ to Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein and was working with Christopher Steele after he was FIRED by the FBI.

Patti LaBelle apologized to @FoxNews and Nick Foles has 2k tweets but Bruce Ohr (tweeted about by a man with 53 million followers) isn't trending! 🤔🤔🤔

Literally Who'sville over here

Alex Smith now trending

Bruce Ohr is not trending.

Both have won the same amount of Super Bowls. Coincidence?

More NFL no OHR

Nice try @twitter

A man with 53 million twitter followers tweets about Bruce Ohr, nothing.

A one thousand dummies tweet about NFL? Trending.

TELL ME this isn't manipulating the political spectrum @jack. Tell us @twitter isn't shaping the narrative.

Jimmy Graham! (an NFL man) has literally 1k tweets let's trend it!

A new name appears. Isaiah Wynn. Surely he is related to Bruce Ohr.

NOPE. An NFL man.

Great job this is surely the pulse of the world news twitter.

This is gonna be my last tweet about this. Because BRUCE OHR will never trend on twitter. Not until he is outed in the fake news media as a sacrificial lamb.

No one can say that Bruce Ohr has had less than 2k tweets in the last hour. No one. This is garbage. #RegulateTwitter

ADDENDUM: #HabitsINeedToBreak

thinking twitter has breaking news in its trending



Come on @twitter, I mean. Come on! Come on @jack.

Freaking Colt McCoy is trending and not Bruce Ohr?

I mean....come on man!! Now you're just taunting me with third string QB's from 49ers past.

Colt McCoy throwing an interception in a pre-season game is NOT news lol. This is a joke.


"Day 3. It's the same day as day one. The false trends continue. No Bruce Ohr in sight but as you can see from this thread the NFL is beloved by literally a one thousand people. I will report again tomorrow (also today) when Ohr isn't trending. Send Martha my love"

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