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Aug 17, 2018, 5 tweets

"Who told you to have faith in McConnell?" Rick Wilson that's who.
Wake up Wilson fanboys/girls. He opposes Trump, not his vile policies or the GOP congress. He's long been part of the machine that has put the politicians at the core of this atrocity into office. #NeverTrump 🙄

"While Obama's a** is on fire why wouldn't we distract ourselves by turning Mitch McConnell into greatest monster?" asks RW political strategist Rick Wilson in 2013. Y'all can thank Rick who helped create the Mitch monster to enact the corrupt GOP's hateful policies. #NeverTrump

Nov 5. 2014 GOP takes back the Senate. "McConnell is this close to Maximum trolling achievement." cheers Rick Wilson who helped unleash McConnell one of the biggest GOP "trolls' to inflict terrible harm on the American people. #NeverTrump

Nov. 5 2014... "I WILL DESTROY YOU." cheered Rick Wilson who backed "monster/troll" Mitch McConnell as Mitch won reelection in Kentucky. Rick has long been on McConnell's side. (Note who is standing next to Mitch.... Putin's carrier pigeon, Rand Paul...) #NeverTrump

July 11 2017: "Mitch McConnell & Paul Ryan actually know their business when it come to running the Senate & the House. If only they had a competent partner at the other end of Pennsylvania Ave." says Rick Wilson. He does not oppose Ryan & McConnell & their hateful policies.

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