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Aug 18, 2018, 11 tweets

1.) Even before the wake of the revocation of Ex-CIA Director #JohnBrennan's Security Clearance, he has been very vocal against @realDonaldTrump. He seems to be in Full Panic Mode & concerned.
He should be!! 👇🏼…

2.) According to @guardian news, GCHQ became aware as far back as late 2015 in regards to suspicious interactions between Trump associates & known or suspected Russian agents. As we have come to find out, 5 Eyes was involved in collecting this information.

3.) These 'alleged' conversations were picked up 'By Chance' 🙄 as part of routine Surveillance of Russian Intelligence assets.
My 1st question is: Who are these Russian assets? Who was working with GCHQ or the FBI & had ties to the Trump team? I think we know who 1 of them is.

4.) Ex- GCHQ head Robert Hannigan who abruptly quit after Trump was inaugurated, passed material on this matter to Brennan at the 'Director Level' face to face. Brennen used that information to start the #TrumpRussia hoax!…

5.) Brennan continued this Trump Russia hoax & used this information gathered as we know it now as the Trump Dossier & briefed the Gang of 8. He briefed them that he had evidence that the Kremlin might be trying to help Trump win the Presidency.

6.) A New York times piece just prior to the Guardian article details which Trump campaign aides had contacts with Russian intelligence agents. This gives us insight into which specific Trump targets GCHQ was passing information back on to Brennan.…

7.) The Intercepted Communications they say were not limited to Trump Campaign officials. Whomever leaked this to the @nytimes knew they were leaking classified information it seems. @PaulManafort was one of those picked up in the communications intercepts.

8.) This article says that the NSA not GCHQ initially captured the calls between Trump associates & the Russians as part of 'routine' 🙄 foreign surveillance. Then the FBI asked the NSA to collect more info & to go back through troves of previous intercepted communications.

9.) According to this article they say @carterwpage, Roger Stone & @GenFlynn were all closely examined. We also know that Papadopoulos was also caught up in the 5 Eyes exchange of info with Alexander Downer from Australia to the FBI which started 'Crossfire Hurricane'.

10.) In the end @JohnBrennan will have to answer for his role in the #TrumpRussia hoax & the lies he told while under oath about the Trump Russia investigation.

#Trump was right to revoke his clearance!……

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