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Aug 18, 2018, 53 tweets

Standby for transmission from the Emerald City, where I’m gonna cover the latest protest organized by Joey Gibson & friends. Supposedly this one is gonna be heavy on 3 percenter militia ppl. We’ll see soon.
#AllOutAugust #Seattle #PatriotPrayer #ProudBoys

I’m here in Seattle at the rally, and people are open-carrying guns although that’s not unusual. Several dozen militia-types at a Seattle City Hall for this rally and march. Lots of 3 perfected patches.

Cops have been brought in from other cities to assist @SeattlePD with the event. And there’s a big ‘ol bus parked around the corner, and it’s special of course.

Some opposition has gathered across the street. It’s very early, mind you. Things aren’t scheduled to kick off til 1, and there’s no sign of Joey Gibson or Proud Boys that I have seen.
#AllOutAugust #Seattle

This protest has a set of outhouses, I’m told. I guess there are buckets in there.

Everytime I look up it seems like I see more and more masked antifascist and anti-racist counterprotesters show up. Gonna get intense once the Patriot march starts. Here is a flier that the opposition handed to me, mentions Charlottesville as well as the Portland MAX attack.

“Pray for the dead, and fight like hell for the living.”
#AllOutAugust #Seattle

Some gathered antifa formed a picket line across the street and are chanting “all day, all night, shut down the alt-right.”
#AllOutSeattle #AllOutAugust

This armed dude has a 3 percenter patch that says “US militia” and also has a LaVoy Finicum brand patch on his gear

The BS I have to deal with. This lady comes up to me occasionally at these things and makes wild accusations

Peep the “it’s ok to be Alex Jones” shirt at this protest.
#AllOutAugust #AllOutSeattle

Joey Gibson is here. I also see some people in Proud Boys colors, and also a dude with a confederate flag on his head.
#AllOutSeattle #AllOutAugust

Some tourists earlier getting a taste of Seattle.
#AllOutSeattle #AllOutAugust

A biker for Trump.

So this large truck just passed by filled to the brim with right-wing protesters. One of these right-wing protesters said “that’s what we’ll be using to get through the crowd later”

At least a couple hundred antifa across the street. Maybe 100 people at the open carry event. Estimating attendance is hard, but as usual antifa has the obvious numerical advantage. #AllOutAugust #Seattle

This fellow and his “it’s ok to be white” shirt has joined the patriot rally

Members of a local gun club showed up w assault rifles. #AllOutAugust #Seattle

This local gun club is calling on the Patriot movement to reject Patriot Prayer and also the Proud Boys, according to literature they handed me.

The gun club is hanging out with the crowd of antifa, with whom they have identified. #AllOutAugusr

Police reinforcing this side of the block where antifa and the gun club are hanging out

Listening to some sounds on the antifa side. Heard someone say about the right-wing group across the street. “Last time there were only like a dozen, now there’s a hundred!”

Here’s the Proud Boys, and they’ve got the PB known as Rufio with them

Counteprotesters followed proud boys into a local restaurant called Juno.

It’s like I’m in a movie. Bartender explains to proud boys and antifa that everyone can stay in Juno so long as they remain civil. Seattle PD is here too. #Alloutaugust

A patron questioned the bartender about the Proud Boys being in the bar and they said “I don’t want you to hold it against me. I’m working.”

Someone is now outside Juno shouting “shame” and accusing them of serving racists. #AllOutAugust

Proud Boys have left Juno. Altercation between Proud Boys and masked antifascist counterprotester. PB pulled down the other person’s bandana. #AllOutAugust #Seattle

Seattle police getting aggressive as Proud Boys and Antifa bicker

Breaking: cops making multiple hard arrests on antifa. Video to come. #AlloutPDX

The man is yelling “because im black.” Can hear him now as he’s lead away

VIDEO: Seattle PD making a hard arrest of the black man who was with the antifa group who followed the proud boys into that Seattle restaurant. #AllOutPDX

NWA now being played across from the right-wing gun rally. #AllOutAugust #Seattle

March starting. Let’s see what happens. #AllOutAugust

Patriot marchers made it all the way around the corner, and are held up as antifa chants “Nazis go home.” #AllOutAugust #Seattle

Patriot group led by Patriot Prayer’s Joey Gibson is turned around. #alloutaugust

Seattle right now.

And the march made it back to Seattle city hall. Back where we started. #AllaoutAugust

Hey I found a right wing protester transport bus. #AllOutAugust

Oh hey if you have enjoyed today’s protest coverage so far or found it informative then consider making a small donation. #AllOutAugust

And there some go, but the bus seemed kinda empty and antifa noted that some proud boys have been left behind

Just noticed that Portland MAX attack survivor Micah Fletcher is here in Seattle. #AllOutPDX

Found that military-style truck. It’s a getaway vehicle. There it goes. #AllOutAugust #AllOutSeattle

Scuffle: a masked counterprotester is arrested and a right-winger’s face is bloodied. #AllOutPDX

VIDEO of the aftermath of that last scuffle, with the Antifa explanation for what happened. They say a Proud Boy threw a punch and that’s about it, still unclear what happened. 🤷‍♂️
#AllOutAugust #Seattle

And another bus load of protesters is shipped out from Seattle City Hall

The antifa gun club from earlier is still here. #AllOutSeattle #AllOutAugust

Cop riding a motorcycle on the sidewalk

Antifa in pursuit of Joey Gibson, Proud Boys including Rufio. Gibson says that the patriots are antifa and leads a chant of “go home Nazis.” Still in pursuit. #AllOutSeattle #AllOutaugust

Just kinda hanging out here with all these police and what few remain from the patriot group. #AllOutSeattle #AllOutAugust

This fellow at the protest earlier had on a shirt which expressed support for Darren Wilson, the Ferguson cop who killed Mike Brown. #AllOutSeattle #AllOutAugust

Here’s a closer pic from earlier of the pro-Trump dude with the bloody face. #AllOutAugust #AllOutSeattle

ICYMI: Seattle police make rough arrest of counterprotester earlier near the right-wing rally, notice the cop drive his knee into the dude’s back. #AllOutSeattle #AllOutAugust

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