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Choices are narrowing. Antiwhite or Prowhite? Globalist or Nationalist? Communist or Fascist?

Aug 18, 2018, 17 tweets

We've been lied to, manipulated, betrayed on a scale which is truly unimaginable. No amount of suffering of ordinary people is too much; their plan is sacrosanct.

Thread on role of UN & EU in the destruction of the West and the similarities with pre-war Germany.

>Replacement migration
>Undermining traditional families
>Erasure of our history
>Thought control & censorship

.. all part of their plan to create a world with no races; no cultures; no history; no sexes & no group to belong to.

In their New World Order we will be nothing more than malleable slaves with no identity or sense of belonging.

This Marxist future is being achieved through insidious culture change and EU, UN & Government policies deliberately created to weaken nation states and their people.

In 1920s, Coudenhove-Kalergi, grandfather of the EU, wrote how elimination of European nations; abolition of right to self determination & replacement of white Europeans could be achieved. He saw these as first steps to a New World Order.

His ideas are guiding principles of EU.

The EU is putting Kalegri's plan into action. Millions of Africans are being brought to Europe under one guise or another.

The supply is inexhaustible. In 1960 roughly 1 in 10 of the World's population was African. By the end of century is will be over 1 in 3.

United Nations & European Union are totally aligned in their intention to eliminate Europeans through migration replacement.

UN even calls it #ReplacementMigration and has stated EU should "undermine the national homogeneity" of European countries through multiculturalism. 😳

This video is for anyone who remains in doubt about the intent of the UN.

"244 Million migrants on the move.
>Migration is inevitable
>Migration is necessary
>Migration is desirable."

#ReplacementMigration is #UN #OfficialPolicy

Anyone in doubt about role of EU in destruction of nation states & their people, look at recipients of Charlemagne Prize for "Services to European Unification."

Coudenhove-Kalergi was first recipient in 1950; Blair in 1999; Euro in 2002; Merkel in 2008 & Martin Schultz in 2015.

Brexit is likened to Nazi Germany at every turn; when in reality it is nothing more than an attempt to reclaim self-determination for the British people.

An (unnamed!) right wing, neo-nazi terrorist group, specifically identified as white, is proclaimed in order to pave the way for action against any who resist Marxism and the New World Order.

Could such lies have been told in previous eras?

Written by Joseph Goebbels in 1936, three years before the start of WW2:

"... today there is more than enough proof of the fact that Imperial Germany was overthrown by the onset of Marxist propaganda."

Prior to WW2 Hitler had turned Germany around financially and addressed the decadence of the Weimar Republic.

He made many calls for peace; all to no avail and in 1939 Britain and France declared war on Germany.

Hitler lost; what is less clear is who won.

Victor writes the history.

It would seem the cause of WW2 was not as we've been taught. If this is the case many millions of courageous men were tricked into fighting against each other in a war which should never have been fought.


The future:

"We are all history now."

We are in a truly defining moment in our history. Either future generations will look back at this time with gratitude or it will be like we never existed at all.

Thread continues; marxists in action and the methods they use.

The power of words.

Erase the word vagina and we're one step closer to the marxist world of no races, no histories, .... no #sexes and no group to belong to.

"... about the New World Order."

"The EU has to finally get itself ready for a common foreign policy. We are in the process of transforming the EU into a genuine security and defence union."

#OneWorldGovernment starting with creation of a single European state.


Graham Andre who boasts he's part of the #NoMoreBoysAndGirls documentary is a primary school teacher. 😳

This is child abuse, it's also core marxism. They're removing the language and concept of boys and girls; men and women.

A world with no races, no histories .... no sexes.

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