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Aug 19, 2018, 10 tweets

THREAD on The Enemy Within (UK Edition)

I'm going to show you the FACTS on the UK think tank that is the center of a LOT of anti-@realDonaldTrump activity including connections to the Steele dossier & @Billbrowder.

Time to make you smarter about the Henry Jackson Society.

This shows how the left / right paradigm doesn't reveal about the anti-@POTUS movement,

Let's start with this Guardian article from 2005, when the Henry Jackson society first opened its doors in London.


I'm going to point out that it's NeoCon think tank and one of the lead never-trumpets, Bill Kristol is a patron and so is James Woolsey, ex-CIA and one of the people on board of Genie Energy that I've discussed before.

Also -- note Richard Dearlove.

Sir Richard Darlove was Christopher Steele's boss at MI6.

Dearlove is also the person who suggested to Steele that he get in touch with British Intelligence to bring in the FBI on the dossier, according to @washingtonpost

Here's that entire WaPo article.


I've discussed @michaeldweiss a number of times.

He's a @CNN analyst, @thedailybeast editor, a Senior Fellow at @AtlanticCouncil

Friend of Chalupas, advocate for war in Syria.

And spent a few years at The Henry Jackson Society.


Of course, Michael Weiss also worked directly for Khodorkovsky at the Institute of Modern Russia.

And is a big advocate for @Billbrowder.

This profile of @michaeldweiss is snarky as hell but it gives a lot of background on this key figure in the #Russiagate hoax and the fight to destroy @POTUS.


Speaking of Browder, he's got close connections to the Henry Jackson Society, too.

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