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Aug 20, 2018, 16 tweets

If I find any more of interest, I'll thread them here. archives.gov/files/research…

From the same doc above. Sounds like a solid case .... of Arkancide.

Same doc. #Arkancide

Oh. My. God. So was the INSLAW stolen because it could be used for money laundering? #MondayMotivation #QAnon


Systematics....Arkansas.... Foster had a financial interest in it.... money laundering. And Danny Casalaro's Arkancide. #QAnon

Curious this folder titled Margolis (which would be David) and re: agt + change is completely redacted.


The reconstructed yellow papers from Foster's briefcase, allegedly a "suicide note" of his reasons for being unhappy.


Also entirely redacted: HRC + ST (??) staff listings.


Cray computer (a super computer if you search it)
Systematics (Arkansas, stolen software --> money laundering software
Intelligence Commty
INSLAW (the developers of the stolen software)
VF + 4 (???)


A house adjacent to Ft. Marcy where Foster's body was found owned by a pal of Bill Clinton. archives.gov/files/research…

Three and half pages of inconsistencies in the Vince Foster Arkancide.

Great reads. Did you know Glenn Simpson's wife is the daughter of Jon Jacoby, with ties to Systematics in Arkansas?



Here's another good read on Mena, CIA, BCCI, and the disgusting Clintons.


I will have a new thread in the next 48 related to all of this. I can’t express how important this is in connection to the Cabal we recognize today!

For anyone interested, here it is!

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