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Aug 21, 2018, 16 tweets

1)šŸ“Not only did 44, Kerry & Rice meet with Putin at the G20 in China, 44 also went to APEC in Peru 11/19/16 ...

Who else was there? @BenKTallmadge @hfinch61

Exhibit 1. Putin & DERIPASKAšŸ”„

Exhibit 2. 44 Travel Log

2) Worth noting the motorcade did ditch the press on the where to dinner with Xi

02/03/16 Putin & Henry ā¬…ļøBrennan works for Henry

03/22 - 24/16 Putin, Kerry, et al

03/24/16 Putin & MBZ

07/14/16 Putin, Kerry, et al

09/03/16 G20

Russia Russia Russia

Did anyone ask Victoria Nuland about her two trips to the Kremlin when she testified before Congress?

Does the so-called Committee to Investigate Russia have on their timeline?

Brennan working for Henry is not a guess...he said it himself before Congress in MAY 2017.

The Annual Clinton-Kissinger Vacation Motto: What Happens in Punta Cana Stays in Punta Cana

šŸ§Henry employs Brennan
šŸ§Henry takes annual vacations with Clintons to Dominican Republic
šŸ§Henry is Putin's American BFF

Is it odd Henry showed up at the White House without an appointment less than 24 hours after Comey was fired? Check the date

And back at the Kremlin a month later

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