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Aug 22, 2018, 11 tweets

1. Smart piece from @kittypurrzog on the problems with #BelieveWomen. What happens when the women are the perpetrators, not the victims?

@kittypurrzog 2. This seems like such an obvious statement but so many women think we should dispense with evidence when women are the alleged victims and men, the perpetrators.

“...we should reserve judgment and look for evidence.”

Not so when the tables are turned.

@kittypurrzog 3. Prof. Avita Ronell’s case at NYU has been bizarre. Judith Butler just published this letter about her regrets over the letter of support that she helped to organize on Ronell’s behalf.…

Letter is linked here:…

@kittypurrzog 4. This was one of the most egregious elements of the Butler-led letter. Yes, throw the male victim under the bus as has been done to female victims countless times before.

Right: Excerpt from letter (emphasis mine).

@kittypurrzog 5. This aspect of the letter was also unbelievable.

Do you know how -important- our friend is? Do you know of her gray and keen wit?

How on earth can anyone think this should be important in determining punishment in a sexual harassment case?

Right: Excerpts (emphasis mine)

@kittypurrzog 6. This is really good commentary from @CoreyRobin not only on the Ronell case but on grad school in general and the precarious position grad students are placed in, trying to navigate and manage the relationship with their faculty.

@kittypurrzog @CoreyRobin 7. On the bullshit of Ronell’s “but we’re both gay and this is our code” defense.

@kittypurrzog @CoreyRobin 8. On Ronell’s abuse of her power to demand unfettered, unrelenting attention from Nimrod Reitman, her alleged victim.

@kittypurrzog @CoreyRobin 9. On faculty abuse of graduate students and making compromises to stay in their good graces.

@kittypurrzog @CoreyRobin 10. Reitman and other grad students should not have to be left to manage this power imbalance and their abusive faculty.

11. More coverage of the Ronell case from The Chronicle of Higher Education.…

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