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Aug 22, 2018, 11 tweets



Where do they come from?
Where do they go?

"Follow The Wives" #Q

How can I get a ticket you ask?

RT this and your friends will be most happy!
They will RT then they will RT!

Soon we will all be Free!!

#QAnon #QArmy @POTUS

(as we know #FakeNews)
How long have ANONS had everything?

Check ye ole timestamp down yonder way!👇

How long have these trolls been hurting the plan?👇
@JackPosobiec @stranahan @UNIRockTV @antischool_ftw and others.



*When you RT you become a member.
*When you comment you always get an update when a new guest arrives..

We here at __DSWC__ need you to feel like family.
So we want you to get to know ours.
Thank you so much for "SHARING"

Special Guest:
-Nellie H Ohr-


Thank you for all the interest
in our tight nit community here!!!

Feels nice to only be among friends,
and "SHARE" the real ME!!!
You guys are great listeners! #MAGA

Special Guest:
-Melissa Hodgman-


I'm very talented

I can get the _DS_ to:
Remove me from search engines. Cool Huh!
You know, kinda a super power 😎

I ❤️ those that RT and "SHARE"
Some days, I work for FBI
Others the Powerful men they investigate,

Special Guest
-Lisa H. Barsoomian-


When I was young,
I loved the game Frogger.. (remember that one)?

Then I thought I married a "Prince"..
I later found out it was a "Priestap"🥺

Spelling was a weakness for me.

TY for letting me "SHARE"

Special Guest:
-Sabina Menschel-


I just ❤️my "FUSION CENTER"

Sometimes I think to myself..
What would I be without my DATA?😈

I couldn't "SHARE' with you guys that's for sure!
Rose Law Firm? Never heard of it!

Special Guest
-Mary Jacoby-


Propaganda / Shmapa blah blah..

I follow the 🌟's!
You should "SHARE" this about me!!

I can get the right "Light" for your crimes to be painted in.
Make sure we get juuust enough Shadow!!
There we go.. ahhh smooth..

#QAnon #QArmy
Special Guest:
-Shailagh Murray-


I am very, very sneaky..
Almost no one is focusing on me..😶

Hey.. Have any of you guys heard of this #Q thing?

I'm told it doesn't exist🤣

Thank Goodness
"SHARING" is dangerous you know!

"The More You Know"

#WWG1WGA #QAnon #QArmy
Special Guest
-Trisha Anderson-


You want to hear something funny?😂

When I hear @realDonaldTrump say
*Witch Hunt*!!☠️
I sooo hope he isn't talking about me!

I have never "SHARED" that with anyone before.
You guys are awesome!❤️

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #QArmy
Special Guest
-Cindy MCcain-

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