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Aug 22, 2018, 32 tweets

Let us NOT forget the victims of illegal aliens, & the crimes they committed on Americans! #DemsLibs do you see brought against us? #QAnon #WWG1WGA

#DominicDanielDurden Sheriff Dept, 911 dispatcher, 30. DomHugs.com His death is d/t the failure of the Obama immigration system, according to his mother.

Grants life was worth 2 packs of cigarettes to 1 dreamer.

#EdwinJackson 26 Colts football Player, Edwin & his Uber driver died from their injuries in a fatal car accident, while illegal alien was DUI, no license, previously deported 2 times.

#KristopherWilliamEggle 28 U.S. Park Ranger shot while looking for smugglers.

#KennethScottMahr 18, killed by unlicensed illegal alien, Florida.

#ClarissaGrime 16, after a 2001 conviction for a DWI he was back, 2 yrs later. Had already been cited 2xs, but Colorado nvr asked about his immigration status, although re-entry was a -felony.

Mark Wayne Batin II, 27; illegal alien drove him to the Utah desert where they shot him & left him to die. #VoteDemsOut Remember they only send their best! #VoteRed2018

Alex Munez, age 9; illegal alien living in the U.S. for 12 yrs, faces felony charges in the death of his son. While intoxicated & driving w/out a license he drove his truck into parked vehicles then left his son to die. San Diego. #VoteDemsOut

Min Soon Chang, 18; an illegal Mexican agricultural worker drove 100mph on the wrong side of the hw crashing head on into Min. He also had previous DUI & was deported multiple times only to return. #DeportThemAll #BuildTheWall #QAnon #WWG1WGA

Karl Ziebart, 42; Luke Ziebart, 9; & Cara Peters, 12 all we’re heading to church w other members when 3 illegal aliens driving a flatbed crossed paths killing them & injuring others. D/t Wisconsin’s weak licensing laws the illegal alien was able to obtain a DL. #QAnon

Dimitri Smith, Newborn infant, illegal alien from Honduras was arrested after the accident near Las Vegas where he was driving intoxicated. Dimitris mother was rushed to have a c-section but Dimitri died just 1hr after being born. The illegal alien had multiple DUIs. #QAnon

Tenisha Williams,26 mom; Xavier Brown, 2 yrs son; S.J. Williams Father; Houston- illegal alien was speeding when he rear-ended the victims car causing it to crash & burn. The illegal alien was out on bond. #QAnon #SendThemAllBack

#LauraBump 24yrs, illegal alien sentenced to life in prison for the vicious stabbing murder of Lauren Bump in San Antonio. He had been arrested several times but never turned over to @ICE, this was during #ObamasLegacy #VoteDemsOut

Michelle Hughes, 48 & Wayne Hughes, 45, husband & wife. Murdered by illegal alien, he’s facing 5-25 yrs for each of 2 counts after slamming his vehicle into their motorcycle. His bond is set @ 100,000, 1 wk earlier he was charged w a DUI, had he been detained, they would be alive

Jerry Laury, 61, an illegal alien living in Ohio was convicted for the murder of Jerry Laury. Instead of returning w cash aster his cab ride he returned & shot him multiple xs. The Dems blocked Republican legislation when in power, now the RINOS ignore their own caucus mem bills.

Dani “D.J.” Countryman, 15 yrs illegal alien cousins ages 23 & 24. Arrested in TXz Dani’s body was found by her sister, police believe the illegals raped & then stepped on her neck till she died

LaDonna “Jeannie” Brady, 45; an illegal alien while intoxicated drove his SUV the wrong way on interstate 74 causing a fatal crash w victim. However he managed to escape while being treated & living as a fugitive under an alias. He’s had several DUIs & no DL, #ENDSanctuaryCity

#BlueLivesMatter. #QAnon Officer Tony Zeppetella, 27; an illegal alien w gang ties shot officer Z 13x during a traffic stop. He received a death sentence. However he had been deported several times for crimes but kept coming back! #BuildTheWall

Officer Kenneth Collins, 33; #BlueLivesMatter an illegal alien shot & killed Officer Collins during a bank robbery in Phoenix. He escaped to Mexico, after 12 yrs, he was extradited back to the U.S. to serve 98yrs. #BuildTheWall #VoteDemsOUT

Dems/Libs let’s talk about splitting up families! son-Michael 20, son-Matthew 16, dad-Tony 48; illegal alien shot Tony & 2 of his 4 children just bks from home. San Francisco’s #SanctuaryCity only protects illegals! #BuildTheWall #VoteRedToSaveAmerica

Family; Adrian 16, Lori 44 Roundtree. an illegal alien from Honduras broke into their Nashville apt, stabbing Adrian 46 xs, & her mother Lori 37 xs while they were in bed sleeping. He had been previously deported. @POTUS #WeThePeople are ready #BuildTheWall #SendThemAllBack

Children separated perm from their parents, Dems/Libs where is the outrage? Parents, Donna Lynne 47, & Sean Wilson, mom& dad of 2 children. an illegal alien from Mexico while fleeing olive bcuz of driving drunk slams his SUV into their family car killing both. #WheresThatWall ?

Antione Bumvu 43 & his son Eddy Bumvu age 2. Killed by illegal alien reckless driving & running a red light. He was intoxicated, previous arrests for DUI & no license but nvr reported to @ICEgov. Bumvus wife & daughter we’re injured but perm this family is separated! #QAnon

#IllegalAliens executes students! Dashon Harvey, 20; Iofemi Hightower, 20; & Terrance Aeriel, 18 of Newark, N.J. Illegal Godinez from Nicaragua was ordered to deport in 1993 but remained. Illegal Carranze from Peru had many arrests but nvr deported. #BuildTheWall

Ariel Clark, 22 & his father Bob Clark, 67, ( Clark’s 1983 movie “A Christmas Story” remains a holiday fav.) They were killed by an #IllegalAlien , DUI & no license, his SUV swerved into Clark’s lane causing a head on accident. He however was unharmed, both father & son died.

Christina Long, 13 yrs, murdered by an #IllegalAlien She was raped & strangled then he dumped her body in a creek. He was sentenced to 30 yrs. #BuildTheWall

Joshua Morrow age 4, & his uncle Ronald Bishop, 42 were ran over in Florida while crossing the street by an #IllegalAlien he didn’t stop but was soon arrested. #BuildTheWall #SendThemAllBack #VoteDemsOUT #QAnon #WWG1WGA

Schanna Gayden, 13 yrs. was murdered by 2 #IllegalAliens She died in a Chicago playground a #SanctuaryCity Any public official who aids & abet illegal aliens by way of sanctuary city should be prosecuted. #QAnon #SendThemAllBack

Adrienne Shelly, 40; actress #IllegalAlien murdered her in her NY home, then hung her in her shower to look like a suicide. He was sentenced to 25 yrs. (Shelly’s last movie was “Waitress”). #QAnon #VoteRed2018 #BuildTheWall

Alex Tsuji age 2 yrs an innocent toddler was killed by an #IllegalAlien Who was drinking & driving without a license. He smashed his car into Alex. He received only a few yrs on a plea bargain. #QAnon ##WWG1WGA

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