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Aug 22, 2018, 13 tweets

1) Illegal Alien, Christhian Bahena Rivera, arrested and charged with 1st Degree Murder in the abduction and murder of beautiful Mollie Tibbetts! #JusticeForMollie #MollieTibbets #ChristhianRivera #WednesdayWisdom #BuildTheDamnWall #CloseOurBorders #EVerify

2) Mollie Tibbetts was murdered at the hands of an Illegal Alien all because of our weak immigration system. Another beautiful life lost that could have been prevented! #MollieTibbets #ChristhianRivera #WednesdayWisdom #JusticeForMollie

3) Christhian Bahena Rivera was in this country Illegally for 4-7 years! WHY??? He literally sought her out, stalked Mollie like an animal, abducted herb and then killed her! How many more Americans are going to have to die before this stops! #JusticeForMollie

4) Her Body was found in a corn field where he left her after mercilessly killing her! This, like Kate Steinle’s, should have never happened had we had better immigration laws! #JusticeForMollie #IllegalAliens #DeportThemAll

5) Arrest Warrant issued for Christhian Rivera! #JusticeForMollie

6) President Trump at a rally mentions the senseless killing of Mollie Tibbetts! We need more Republicans in office in order to change the horrible broken immigration system! #RedWaveRising2018 #JusticeForMollie @realDonaldTrump #LeadRight

7) Illegal Alien was drawn to her to abduct and ultimately kill her! If we had a better immigration policy put in place this could have possibly been prevented! Suspect has been charged with Murder in the 1st degree! #JusticeForMollie #BuildtheWall

8) Mollies killer was verified thru DHS “E-Verify System” How in the world can a person illegally here be verified to work? Just goes to show you proof we have a broken immigration system that needs to be changed ASAP! #JusticeForMollie #EVerify #BuildTheWall #CloseOurBorders

9) 4 beautiful young women all killed by illegal aliens! Remember their names!
1) Nisa Mickens
2) Kayla Cuevas
3) Kate Steinle
4) Mollie Tibbetts
@SenSchumer @NancyPelosi @clairecmc The blood of these girls is on your hands!
#BuildTheWall #CloseBorders #SanctuaryCity #KatesLaw

10) Missourians the Incumbent & Dem. nominee, Claire McCaskill, voted against #KatesLaw in 2016 & is part of the reason we have senseless killings such as Mollie & so many others! #VoteDemOut we need change on immigration in a huge way! #BuildTheWall @clairecmc @McCaskill4MO

11) My question to all Senators WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR???? Sign this Bill into law NOW! Americans lives depend on it! Are you all for Americans or Illegals? We The People are sick & tired of hearing these stories over & over again! #FixIt #BuildTheWall @clairecmc

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