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Aug 22, 2018, 7 tweets

#Ethiopia: The ongoing meeting in #AddisAbeba by executive & council members of #ESPDP, as well as leaders of various clans have unanimously decided to assign Mustafa Muhumed Omer to be the incoming acting president of the #Somali regional state until elections are held in 2020.

Update: It is expected that the meeting's unanimous decision to assign Mustafa will be a final decision that will see him assume the position as acting presidnet, which is currently held by Ahmed Abdi Mohammed (pic) after the resignation of the embattled ex president Abdi Illey

Update: Mustafa is born in 1973 in #Degahbour, #Somali regional state. He is a well known critic of Abdi Illey's iron fist in the region & the rampant abuse of human rights by the Liyu police. An economist by training, he has a Masters of Science degree in Agricultural Economics

Update: In a critical departure from its initial objection (See screenshot), @ONLFofficial said today it "fully supports" Mustafa Omar, newly selected Pres. of the #Somali Regional State. It however expressed its "grave concern" to what it said was the federal gov's interference.

Update: The @ONLFofficial, the oldest rebel group struggling for the rights of the people of the #Somali region, said the interference was in "breach of self-rule rights enshrined in the Ethiopian constitution" & calls on the fed gov to "desist from any further violations."

Update: Meanwhile, #SEPDP, the party administering the #Somali regional state, said it has dismissed 19 high level officials from the party & issued warning letters to 29 who it said were complacent in the recent crisis in #Jigjiga & deep rooted maladministration in the region.

Update: It is expected that Mustafa (Pic),will be sworn in as acting president this Sunday. Mustafa,who has worked, among others, for the UNOCHA in #Somalia, #Zimbabwe, #Kenya, will be the first non ESPDP members to become president. He will hold the position until 2020 elections

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