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Aug 22, 2018, 7 tweets

Are you ready for #FullDisclosure ?

Be a part of the #GreatAwakening not the #GreatMistakening

#Q mentions [P] in many of his drops. This crumb is important. It refers to who runs this show.

There are 13 bloodlines going WAY back.

P = Pindar

And just what does Pindar mean?

[P]indars are reptilians who are essentially the Draco.

Want to know more?

Watch #CosmicDisclosure and #OpenYourMind

Read the entire document.

#RothschildZionists are head of the #Hydra
@emerysmith33 @CoreyGoode

This demonic group has committed the most horrific crimes against humanity.

Wake up.

We have been sleeping.

That’s what they want.

Your awakening frightens them beyond words. They are trapped and cannot win. #WeThePeople are in control.

This is a battle for your soul. Pray. Find God. Our Heavenly Father is in control. 🙏🏼✝️⚖️

This is the end of their reign. We are entering the Age of Enlightenment. Earth has been freed of this totalitarian demonic, LGBT, Radicla Islam, Satanic, Canniballistic, Pedophile rule. They can all go GF themselves. #Billary #Bush #Podesta no more. Gitmo for all.⚖️🙏🇺🇸

You are witnessing the #GreatestShowOnEarth

Pray brothers and sisters.

Jesus saves.
We are #winning.

Thank you #Q
Thank you @POTUS
Thank you #PatriotsUnite

This is revelation. We are children of the most High God. He is the Light of The World.
In Jesus name, amen. ✝️

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