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Aug 23, 2018, 9 tweets

Meet @Ohio_Buckeye_US, a Twitter user who appears to be very effectively trolling the right by being a total cliche IWNJ. (Or is that "RWNJ?")

We stumbled upon @Ohio_Buckeye_US while digging into traffic for the #BuildThatWall (as opposed to #BuildTheWall) hashtag, which experienced a surge in volume last night. @Ohio_Buckeye_US is the largest node in the retweet network.

What does @Ohio_Buckeye_US tweet about? 41.4% of the account's tweets contain one or more of the terms shown in the chart. This political independent dutifully checks the major #MAGA propaganda boxes. Tweet schedule is high volume and bursty.

Let's take a brief look at @Ohio_Buckeye_US's backstory. This user immigrated legally to the USA at the age of eleven, except on days when they immigrated at the age of twelve or thirteen.

What does @Ohio_Buckeye_US do for a living? They worked on Wall Street until either 5 or 6 years ago when they either retired or started a small business, where they are self-employed yet still go into work. Oh, they also worked two and three part-time jobs in college.

What about religion? @Ohio_Buckeye_US is perhaps best described as a Schrödinger's Catholic.

Finally, let's take a look at some of the pictures @Ohio_Buckeye_US has taken of their home state of Ohio. The picture of a warm day in December previously appeared on a real estate website, and the pumpkin field is actually located in Ontario, Canada.

A big thank you to @ZellaQuixote for taking the role of framer for the proverbial construction site that is this thread.

Everyone's a critic.

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