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Aug 26, 2018, 9 tweets

Deadly NLWs tested, used by #DoD WITHOUT the consent of Americans--"temporarily incapacitates a large, hostile group without causing life-threatening consequences to the targeted individuals" #TargetedIndividuals #SurveillanceTechnology #DualUseTech pica.army.mil/pmccs/combatmu…

Active Denial Systems using Millimeter Wave Tech have been developed, tested, and are operational as "Deterrent" on "Targeted Individuals" a term the US Military uses: protected.networkshosting.com/depsor/DEPSpag… #SurveillanceTechnology #DualUseTech

Newsflash to Mr. Mattis: US "Non-Lethal Weapons' aka Counter-Personnel Weapons using RF, Acoustic, & Spectrum Technologies are NOT humane, NOT reversible, and NOT non-lethal. This tech is being used on many today, and is reported always as CRIMINALLY INHUMANE. @DeptofDefense

Undisclosed #SurveillanceTechnology is being used by the #DOJ as per MOUs with #DOD. Front-line reporters of #SurveillanceAbuse continue to report Remote ElectroMuscular shocks, vibrations, as also #GITMO prisoners. "Warfighters" are being equipped: jnlwp.defense.gov/About/Frequent…

So here you have a co. advertising NLWs which pulse-shot, burn, electroshock, disable, & incapacitate humans while thousands report being pulse-shot, burned, remotely electroshocked, disabled, & local Police rush to PsychCommit "#TargetedIndividuals". protected.networkshosting.com/depsor/DEPSpag… @APA

#SurveillanceTechnology they won't admit to, despite FOIA requests (Mass Fusion Center FOIA response at everydayconcerned.net). But way back, in 1992, NIJ was actively setting up to test laser, microwave, and electromagnetic weapons. 6/

NIJ revealed in 1992 that multiple groups participated in the testing of laser, microwave, EMF weapons made by the #DoD--Univs, Feds, Police, Sheriffs. NIJ is part of @TheJusticeDept #SurveillanceTechnology 7/

The interest in #DualUseTech supposedly began in 1987. Electrical, EMF tech, & quaintly, microwave weapons for "airplane hijackings." This doc. came out of "a conf. on the development and application of less-than-lethal weapons" poss. 1993 Los Alamos #SurveillanceTechnology 8/

The "NIJ Initiative on Less-Than-Lethal Weapons" published in 1993 reports (sparsely) on the anticipated use of Non/LessThanLethals in the Criminal Justice System. Look who's involved: US Army, DOE, Oak Ridge, Police, Jails... ncjrs.gov/App/Publicatio… #SurveillanceTechnology 9/

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