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Aug 27, 2018, 6 tweets

Last week of Chapter 8
They try to cut off the head of the Cheshire Cat but can't figure out how before CC disappears
Alice realizes that the power of Wonderland is an illusion, and sets out to destroy that illusion (by waking up)
BIG Week

Last weekend, Head of UN environmental program was in NK meeting with Kim Jung Un.
Same day, Trump announced cancellation of Pompeo trip.

Eric Solheim, Head of UN env program, who lives in Narobi, Kenya, seems very concerned about the US policy on Coal Fired power plants.

Solheim a Norwegian diplomat, was accused by the Sri Lankans in 2009, along with Hillary Clinton, and David Milibrand of the UK in enabling terrorists.…

People don't understand.
The world learned the truth in July, 2018
"We have the server"
We know all eyes are on Q
Server brings down 5 eyes, and enabling govts.
This is so much BIGGER than we know.

In order to wake up the public, to show proof beyond reasonable doubt,
we need the BIG DROP

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