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Aug 28, 2018, 19 tweets

1. 🗳🍑 Georgia: The Epicenter of America’s Corrupted Electronic Elections @jennycohn1 #gapol

GA is one of 5 states still using using voting computers that CAN NOT BE AUDITED.

Due to proprietary laws, courts have refused suits to audit results. medium.com/@jennycohn1/ge…

2. 145 years as a BLUE State, Georgia suddenly flips to RED with the 2002 installation of Diebold Voting Computers.

Fun Fact: GA’s Voting Computers run on WINDOWS 2000.

(Our 20yo son, literally, did a spit-take when I told him. “Omg EVERYONE can hack into our Elections, Mom!”)

3. So how did easily hacked Diebold Voting Computers find their way to Georgia? @jennycohn1 explains:

In 2002 Cathy Cox, GA’s SOS* “allowed Diebold to use her image on their promotional materials.”

WTF? Conflict of Interest much?!

*The Sec. of State (SOS) oversees elections.

4. Soooo...guess whose Cathy Cox’s former boss lobbied for?

🙋‍♀️ I’ll take ‘DIEBOLD’ for all the votes, Alex.

Diebold had recently acquired Global Election Systems (GES)

Guess who founded GES?

🙋‍♀️ I’ll take ‘GOP FELONS’ for bribe money, Alex.

5. GES’s Senior VP, Jeffrey Dean had served prison time for Black Hat hacking.

Who else did Diebold/GES have running the show?

A convicted cocaine trafficker, of course. John Elder was in charge of Punch Cards.

You mean HANGING CHADS and the 16,000 “lost” Gore votes?


1.5 Sidebar: GA Courts ruled forensic audits couldn’t be done due to Diebold Software’s “proprietary nature.”

But IMO it stands to reason that election results MUST be auditible!

Not surprisingly, many legal and election integrity experts disagree with GA’s ruling.

6.🕵️‍♀️ WHO uncovered Diebold’s criminal connections?

Beverly Harris of blackboxvoting.com
A True Patriot! 🇺🇸

At the same time, G.W. Bush/GOP passed The Help America Vote Act which allocated BILLIONS for...wait for it...



7. The Help America Vote Act was sponsored by GOP Rep. Bob Ney.

But Ney fought AGAINST auditable paper trails for voting machines.


🙋‍♀️ I’ll take ‘DIEBOLD/GOP BRIBERY’ for $275,000 - Alex.

Diebold👉Jack Abramoff👉Ney
Ney and Abramoff were imprisoned for corruption.

8. Sidebar: Both Abramoff and Diebold’s CEO, Walden O’Dell were members of G.W. Bush’s elite fundraising group, “Rangers and Pioneers.”

2002: GA’s SOS Cathy Cox and Diebold signed a $54M contract for paperless voting machines and optical scanners which CAN NOT BE AUDITED.

9. GA: BLUE for 145 yrs, but post-Diebold:

“2002 yielded several surprising GOP victories” including:

Saxby Chambliss: Evangelicals and G.W. Bush FAVE

Sonny Perdue: Confederate Flag Waver was 9-11 pts BEHIND Roy Barnes in the Polls, but WON by 14-16 pts?

🤔 Sound familiar?

10. Karl Rove and Ralph Reed, Jr. -
GA GOP Strategist, a Bush ‘Ranger and Pioneer*,’ and Abramoff lobbyist* - chose Chambliss to run against Vietnam Vet Max Cleland.

In the polls, Cleland was ahead by 2-5 pts. - then lost by 7 pts.

Another 2002 post-Diebold GOP WIN.

*I added👇

11. Doug Haines House seat had been BLUE for 40+ years -

Then Diebold Voting Machines were installed and suddenly GOP @BrianKempGA wins - by 486 votes.

A race that close demands a recount, but, oh yeah - DIEBOLD MACHINES LEAVE NO PAPER TRAIL AND CAN’T BE AUDITED!

12. WHY ISN’T THIS FRONT PAGE NEWS?! U.S. Democracy may be at stake! - Screams journalists in 2003, including the prescient @Independent and @paulkrugman.

In 2018, GA’s DIEBOLD Voting Machines are STILL run on WINDOWS 2000 and anyone with a laptop can hack into our system!

13. @paulkrugman predicted in 2003 the Election Fraud committed regularly here in Georgia.

Special Election 2017:

@ossoff WINS ALL 58 out of 115 Precincts in April.

Suddenly in June ALL those precincts flip to unpopular @karenhandel?!

Statistically impossible.

14. Winters Chapel 2017:

Ossoff: 360
Handel: 120

Ossoff: 454
Handel: 462

🤔 Double the voters? Ossoff has a HUGE lead in April than loses in June?

15. GA Primary 2018:

@BrianKempGA our SOS RUNS ELECTIONS - He’s also running for Governor. Nothing to see here.

Kemp and @CaseyCagle are nearly tied in the polls, then Kemp WINS by a 37% margin? WTF?!

Hey look! 242.75% of RED Mud Creek voted in May...😒

16.@BrianKempGA was SUED for alleged Election Fraud (by the group bringing the case to the Federal Court tomorrow.)

Soooo...What happened next?


GA’s AG, Chris Carr, refused to pursue the case.

17. Soooo...KSU hosts a “Year of Russia” in 2016-2017. (Timing a coincidence? Nyet.) Sergei Kislyak visits!

WHY would the Russian Ambassador visit a small university outside Atlanta?

KSU houses ALL GA’s ELECTION SERVERS! (States aren’t supposed to keep servers in one location.)

18. In 2015, SIX MILLION Georgia Voters had their personal information, (SS#s!) released to third parties including the media, political parties - even ‘GA GunOwner Magazine!’ 😱

@BrianKempGA: “Clerical Error”

At the time, Kemp had “not notified a single GA citizen.”

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