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Aug 31, 2018, 17 tweets


Last night’s secret @delorentos gig at the Salty Dog stage was really really cool - the buzz at the smaller stages is always a highlight.... apart from the crazy stage diver dude...

And off we went into the night....

@bitchfalcon being absolutely huge on the body & soul last night!

Really great atmosphere at #ep2018 today... warm and sunny... lots to explore...

One of the finds of the weekend- @StateLights on the Salty Dog! Great performance!

New Irish band @InhalerDublin are really promising, great voice, great band, & some great Melodies, over at the @OtherVoicesLive stage!

Backstage with the excellent @thisissigrid & @MayKapes !

Mobile-phoneageddon for Sigrid’s special gig, just voice & Piano - amazing.

Mister @MIKPYRO bringing the classic Republic of Loose songs back to @EPfestival - featuring the legendary @MaxGreenwood on keys!!

Another Irish act @Ham_Sandwich bringing the tunes to the Arena!!

It’s proper hot now, thank god for tents. :)

Chatting with Peter @DevSounds Devlin for his brilliant Saturday Soundtrack show on @RadioNova100 - alternative music doesn’t have enough space on Irish radio - his show is a gem.
He’s also very tall. 😀

The @wecutcorners boys are so exceptionally brilliant- national treasures that should be encased in Amber in a Indie rock museum. Here they are...

One of the coolest little areas is the Trailer Park- it’s like a film set. The best thing about the Picnic is the areas with their own personalities like @OtherVoicesLive, Salty Dog, Trailer Park, & Body & Soul, run by cool people who’ve done it year after year, keeping it cosy.


Ok - phone off now - hope you’ve got a flavour of the Picnic 😎👍🏽

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