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Sep 1, 2018, 48 tweets

1. #QAnon links to a parody @NSAGov page on NSA's Utah Data Center. I hadn't previously considered "coincidence" between #Q's support of NSA (vs. #Clowns) vs Huber also being in Utah. Convenient might one think?…

2. #QAnon responds to an anon who posted a Forbes piece about the Utah Data Center parody site indicating that it is actually highly informative:

"Information comes in many forms."

3. #QAnon: #Clown WaPo reported Gallup poll yesterday, coupled with their own poll on 2K Floridians, 8/8-21, both, we are to believe, that #Q and @POTUS are "unpopular". Today same #Clowns have their own poll saying same about @POTUS for the parrots.
What're the odds of that?

6. #QAnon: Our #VeryStableGenius with a #SunTzu strategy for these #FakePolls supporting Sessions sets stage for biggest political scandal in US history to be revealed by Sessions - the Dems' newfound hero! #Q

7. #QAnon Ryan Dickey (specializing in cyber crime) & Brian Richardson leave Mueller team; Cover-up or refer to Huber? Mueller team down to 15 attys. Huber, Utah, has a 470 team.…
Weissman, working w Ohr to frame @POTUS, still on Mueller impeach team. #Q

8. #QAnon Did the OLD GUARD 'learn' from the 2016 election mistake & now push for Big Tech to censor, w #EnemyOfThePeople media/#FakePolls to deceive? #Q

9. #QAnon told us 8/30/18 about pundits unknowledgeably decrying Huber's alleged inaction in not interviewing Ohr.

#Q'd told us there are [+7] Ohr "Meetings not yet released". "Huber + IG"

10. #QAnon Both the House & Senate will be in Session on Tues.....Connection with #Q linking to @RandyRRQuaid's reading @POTUS' tweet re: CNN having no source? 🍿🇺🇸

11. #QAnon, 7/30/18, told us about CA fires to declare State of Emergency for billions in Fed aid when money needed. Now CA bullet train project is blowing thru funds. To where?

"Paul & Nancy Pelosi Charitable Foundation

12. #QAnon What about the budget?…📁…📁
Why would CA 'elected' officials knowingly collapse the budget?
Who 'elects' CA officials?…📁
Money to be made?

13. #QAnon [Example]…📁
Big pharma donates how much to CA & NY 'elected' officials compared to other states? CA & NY are VITAL areas of control for Legal PROTECTION of Ports entry.
Think .
Think .

14. #QAnon Desperate for illegal votes & Pharma graft, free healthcare to illegal foreign Nationals in CA is promised. Therefor, high domestic Big Pharma prices for US in exchange for big donations. #Q

15. #QAnon states:
"We will do our job to protect the vote.
Will you do yours?

16. #QAnon This one's from "#Q+" Does it have a @realDonaldTrump sense to it?

Where we go one, we go all!
We, the people!
From sea to shining sea.
Let freedom ring, patriots.
It is your time.
If America falls, the world falls.
United we stand!
God bless you all.

17. #QAnon Wow! FISA court just rubber-stamped Carter Page FISA warrants WITHOUT EVEN HOLDING ANY HEARINGS, allowing Hussein's admin to spy on Trump campaign based on defrauded court w #FakeDossier fabricated by DNC-paid Fusion/GPS contractors. #Q…

18. #QAnon Heads must roll!

Trump tweet image is filenamed: "D5".

19. #QAnon #QProofs #QProof #Q

20. #QAnon #QProofs #QProof #Q

21. #QAnon #RedWaveRising last night #Q

22. #QAnon Thanks to Judicial Watch we now learn that DOJ actually discloses that the FISA Court never even held hearings on Carter Page warrants! #Q

23. #QAnon Devin Nunes wrote to US District Judge Rosemary Collyer, (appointed in 2002 by President George W. Bush) requesting confirmation of whether "transcripts of relevant FISC hearings associated with" Carter Page warrants for Hussein admin to spy on Trump Campaign exist. #Q

24. #QAnon Instead of telling The People's Congressional Intel Chairman Nunes that, no, there weren't even any hearings held on Page spying warrant, Judge Rosemary Collyer instead wrote back an obfuscatory, deceptive non-answer. #Q……

25. After #QAnon's drop Tom Fitton explains to us how uncooperative the DOJ under Rosenstein has been. They asked for FISA-court (FISC) transcripts on Page a& on General Flynn. DOJ would not answer whether or not there has been a FISC warrant for Hussein admin to spy on Flynn! #Q

26. #QAnon DOJ acknowledged there were FISC warrants to spy on Page, but at first simply said there were no transcripts, then, finally admitted that in fact there were no hearings, just blanket approvals for Hussein admin/holdovers to spy on Trump thru Page (and Flynn?). #Q

27. Gregg Jarrett subsequently summarizes well what #QAnon was pointing to: the atrocity perpetrated on the People's liberty and privacy rights by the fraud foisted on the Court without the Court bothering as ask even ONE SINGLE question over at least the 4 known instances. #Q

28. #QAnon'd told us that Bruce Ohr was first working WITH Andrew Weissman to frame President Trump with the fake Russian narrative concocted thru wife Nellie & #FusionGPS. Lead lawyer Weissman 1st helps frame Trump, then tries to prosecute him for it. #Q

29. To #QAnon's point, Tom Fitton says it well: DOJ is withholding release of the FISA applications from us to cover-up corruption NOT because of national security issues. #Q

30. #QAnon shares a link to clip from Snowden movie: "FISA? Yeah, they're just a .. rubber stamp..." #Q…

31. #QAnon Russian adoption lawyer/intel asset Veselnitskaya was granted special US entry by Loretta Lynch to come to US in June 2016. In June 2016, through #FusionGPS coordination, she met at Trump Tower w Manafort et al.…

32. #QAnon Hussein's ppl issued FISA spying warrants throughout President Trump's campaign, plants & otherwise: Manafort, Papadopoulos, Page, & FLYNN. Muellar has targeted all of them. #Q…

33. #QAnon: Muellar targets, removes, & silences all those illegally targeted for FISA spying done with the UK's assistance. The UK assistance of FISA spying included spying on all "upstream and tangent contacts" [umbrella surveillance], (i.e., spying on @POTUS & team). #Q

34. #QAnon The foreign target designator(s) created the opportunity (thru UK assistance) to skirt US domestic spying prohibitions on US citizens and had engendered the exploitation "leapfrog (hops)" to isolated 'real' target(s) which were the non-foreign communications. #Q

35. #QAnon NSA curtailed it's some of its umbrella collection last April, but the UK assistance allowed for the normal FISA law to be deconstructed with inclusion of spy insertions and classified non-FISA warrant special ops. #Q…

36. #QAnon Desperate to win midterms to prevent justice for treasonous acts, #Clowns are now running for office in opposition to @realDonaldTrump agenda. Democrat Abigail Spanberger running for Va 7th District House seat held by Rep. Dave Brat, R-Va. #Q…

37. #QAnon The #Clowns are running as Democrats. #Q…📁…📁

38. #QAnon This one speaks for itself. Yes, that is #StealthJeff. #Q

39. The file name for #QAnon's hilarious Sessions pic is "SE.jpg".
"Silent Executioner".

40. #QAnon has another #QProof: After oft referring to "Alice & Wonderland" & "Hillary Clinton in Wonderland". Now, Email from Marty Torrey ("Hatter") to #HRC ("Madam 'Alice'") posted in FOIA reading room 8/30/18:…
#Q knew about "Alice" b4 FOIA upload!

41. #QAnon 📁
Do you believe in coincidences?
Enjoy the show.

42. #QAnon
HRC = Alice
Saudi Arabia = Wonderland

43. #QAnon "Saudi Arabia has a serious child-marriage problem..the lives of thousands of little girls are being destroyed as the Saudi government ponderously debates a solution." #Q…

44. #QAnon "8M foreign workers come to Saudi Arabia ..under sponsorship from.. employers..females face risk of enduring abuse rare to be prosecuted", instead plaintiffs e.g., "sentenced to 70 lashes for falsely accusing her employers of mistreatment." #Q…

45. #QAnon…
SA was a priority.
We wish this were a dream.

46. Link to most recent prior #QAnon thread is here:…

48. #QAnon

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