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Sep 3, 2018, 8 tweets

Awareness is Excalibur ... 9/11 was the largest satanic ritual murder in history. Our country is still under the zombie charm of this trauma. Our own congress walks in darkness about what really happened ... #TheGreatAwakening jtrue.com/blog/the-satan…

Sidley Austin LLP represents the American Bar Association and the American Medical Association. They underwrote the Securities Act of 1933. On 9/11 all 600 of their employees did not show up to work that morning in WTC1. All except one. #911Truth #Satanism #Rockefeller

We call GW Bush stupid for sitting there in the classroom just listening to children "spell" for him. They read him, "My Pet Goat." All of the children chanted, “Plane. Steel. Must” in unison. But Bush did not just sit there on 9/11. He nodded in approval.

The energy of the lie was surging through his system. He could barely contain himself. Like father, like son. At Ground Zero, he wielded a bullhorn as he stood king of his pile of rubble. They cried, “Save us!” He relished the deception as he thought, “These people are stupid.”

Everything is tainted. We live in a psychopathic playground where they hunt us for sport. They convince us to hunt each other for fun. All of this evil keeps feeding them. It's so prevalent and so painful we struggle to face it. Our own salvation is tainted by the pyramid.

Man's most powerful weapon is reflection. It is the crucible of compassion; the very source of love's gravity. Truth is a flaming sword called Excalibur. Wherever we point it, the darkness sizzles. To awaken is to pull the sword from the stone. Make your truth king again.

Evil is a machine run by an army of ancient alters. Each bloodline has been sealed in brutal trauma. Your enemy has been dead for centuries. We fight the vampires of incest, cannibalism, and self-evacuation. Vampires lack the power to reflect. This is their Achilles heel. Use it!

Turn the twin towers against them. Reflect on each one with me.
The first tower is JFK. Reflect. See through the magic bullet.
The second tower is 9/11. Reflect. Reflect.
Make the vampires underestimate the power of YOUR reflection.
Rise both towers in your heart all week.

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