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Sep 5, 2018, 9 tweets

The great @ThomasWictor has offered the Judas Goats of the President theory as to why the democrats are self-destructing like never before.
@HNIJohnMiller backs the theory up... seems legit to me.
I offer my own small opinion here in this small corner of the Internet.

What went on at the #KavanaughConfirmation today was worse than what you’d see at the most undisciplined kindergarten. But why? Why were these ‘distinguished senators’ so willing to be completely unhinged like that?

Well, I don’t know but I’ll take a little guess based on how I opened this thread up...
Do you all remember “Die Hard”?
From the beginning we’re told no matter how well Theo hacks the system, he can not break through the final lock?

Hans seems unconcerned no matter how often it’s brought up.
No one knows how they’re gonna get through that lock but Hans seems unworried so they all just go about doing their thing.

Anyway, what happens? How do they get through the final lock?
The complete predictability of government officials.
Hans knows that no matter what happens, McLean or not the govt guys can’t not be government guys...

So, what does Hans say when it happens?
“You ask for miracles, Theo, I give you the F.B.I.”
Well, for this #Kavanaugh business today, I think it’s more appropriate...
“You ask for a goat, Theo, I give you the Chuck Schumer”

I am in no way saying Schumer is Donald Trump’s willing accomplice, how would I know anything like that...
However, I will offer this, I have worked with the senator a few times and I was left shall we say less than overwhelmed by his gravitas.

Now, this from a guy who twitter won’t let above 2k followers & YouTube is constantly censoring.
A low-level player... so what do u think a man like Donald Trump has surmised about Chuck?
I say one way or the other Chuck Schumer is being moved around the board to knock pieces out

That’s just my late-night thoughts as I reflect and read.
One thing is for sure that #KavanaughHearing today was beyond farce.
Blumenthal, Booker, Kamala Harris! These are people Fellini could not have cast better!
The #RedTsunami should be quite something...

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