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A few interesting things about the #Skripal briefing:
Apparently the parfume bottle was a strange Nina Ricci fake. It's not particular clear how to apply a gel with it.

The two suspects had a room in the CityStay Hotel near Bow Road. The investigators took samples on 4th May (one month after the suspects left). Two samples had harmless traces of Novichok. "Just to be sure" they took new samples from the same spots and found nothing.

The investigators explained the negative result by "brushing away" the Novichok when they took the first samples. It means they had a lot of luck in the first place to find the invisible spots on the wall and accidentally decontaminated the hotel room with a cotton swap.

Interesting details about the timeline:
First, there is little doubt that both suspects had anything to do with the events that day. Their movement is hardly explainable by coincident.
On March 4 the were seen at the Shell gasoline station at 11:58 heading west.

They might have reached the Skripal house at about 12:15. Considering a poisoning of the door handle at that time and a poisoned Skripal at 13:40 at the Maltings car park then it appears very probable that the Skripals were at home at that time.

After the Gas Station the suspects were seen at 13:05 at Fisherton Rd walking east like a few meters south of the bench like coming from Zizzis.

3 minutes later they were observed right on the corner of the Summerlock Approach looking in the direction Skripal will drive about 30 minutes later to reach the car park. Skripal reaches the car park at 13:40. The suspects reach the train station at 13:50. They must have met.

Since the suspected "assatination squad" couldn't have know that Skripal will drive for a meal with his daughter it seems much more probable that they had a date and maybe twice that day.

If the suspected killers threw away the fake Nina Ricci bottle in Queen Elisabeth Gardens then they would have to do it prior to 13:05 and they would have to walk a nonsensical way in the rain.
Yes, both guys appear to play a role but maybe the role of the rabbits.

1) according to the presented photos both suspects passed the airport camera in the very same second. (No doubt, the timestamp was inserted.)

2) according to the briefing both suspects arrived on March 2 at about 3pm at Gatewick Airport with Aeroflot flight SU2588.
That flight was scheduled for arrival at 15:45 (3:45pm) but actually arrived at 15:58 (3:58pm).

For any reason the timestamp was subsequently inserted.
Since Windows Photo Editor is not able to insert text the manipulation was done at some point in time before 3rd May .

Very strange is the tilting of the "mounted" surveillance camera around its axis.
A surveillance camera observing a very small area doesn't even need to pan right-left. The rotation around its axis looks like an accident.
Was the camera mounted on a high tripod?

The date of the last photo manipulation surprisingly coincides with the urgent need of suspects. Two days earlier the Guardian wrote:

Airport image mystery solved: The suspects obviously arrived at the north terminal with 3 identical pathways. google.com/maps/@51.16113…

According to T.May the CCTV coverage of Salisbury is really bad. However, some CCTV (green pins) footage is clearly missing.

e.g. one additional CCTV might have seen Skripals car driving from Devizes Rd 13:30 to the Maltings car park 13:40. Another CCTV observes the entry of the Market Walk and should have seen the Skripals (and the red bag couple) for several times.

Another tree of 3 CCTV cameras should have seen the suspects at the train station coming from Fisherton St at about 13:40.

If the suspects were at Queen Elisabeth's Gardens in order to contaminate the loo then another CCTV8 should have seen them shortly prior to the CCTV7 footage taken at 13:05.

There is an interesting connection between the Salisbury's Antiques Shops and two Russian guys with a backpack interested in Dauwalder's Coins and Stamps.

Where were the two suspects for 40 minutes before they came back to look into the Coins & Stamps shop? And how is it possible that the police saw them just 2 minutes later at the train staition?

More confusion by interview.
Cathedral in the South, Old Sarum in the North East and some snow hardly explain the walk to the Shell gas station in the West. Now we have two adsurd stories.

Bellingcat published some oddities about the passports of the suspects.
Isn't it strange that the UK refused to give information regarding the passports to Russia if someone can scroll through a "public" register that even includes "top secret" stamps?

According to that "public" register both suspects checked in with Aeroflot at the very same minute. According to Toler they purchased and checked in at the very same time. How is it possible to check in without having a ticket number first?

Timeline problem:
According to the police timeline the suspects arrived at 11:48 at Salisbury Station. 10min later they were seen at the Shell gas station. The shortest way is 1.14km. A "brisk walking pace" is 1.4m/s. The suspects walked relaxed 300m more than a Nordic Walker?

Timeline problem 2:
How is it possible to reach the Salisbury Station (500m) within 2 minutes after looking into the Dauwalder's window at 13:48 without being seen by at least one of 3 CCTVs overlooking the the place infront of the station?

Catherine's Street appears is the center of charity shops but at least on Google not a single box can be found in the street. When The Sun wrote "behind a row of shops" they probably refer to Ivy Street but it appears very difficult to reach this area without being seen by CCTV.

According to Thea MacLeod-Hall indeed the trash containers of the Cancer Research in Ivy St are the containers in question, were searched by the police, were used for trash only.
Thea MacLeod-Hall gave no comment about how often the trash was emptied.

leads to the question

Even if the trash containers were emptied less than once per 3 month
1) the container was either full since 3 month or
2) it was emptied, the parfume was on the ground of the container and Rowley had to dig deep...

Furthermore, a good knowledge of the area is necessary to escape the CCTV coverage. Only the public and good visible CCTV cameras make an access without being seen very difficult.

According to the visible area the Shell 4k CCTV camera should be in the red rectangle. In June 2017 there was none.

The "GRU" gay couple with lots of experience and fake IDs since 2009 (according to Bellingcats hacked b/w xerox copies of apparently wrong forms for the date they were filled in) smoked pot and hired a prostitute the night before their high speed power walk?

The alleged registration forms of the #Skripal poisoning suspects were "stamped" two times precisely horizontal in percisely the same position of the page.
Do the Russian GRU use a machine to apply stamps on registration forms of their assassins or is it just a sloppy fake?

However, Google cannot find any mention of a "сведений не даватъ" stamp/phrase in any context other than the Bellingcat article.
But if the GRU stamps fake IDs of spies/assassins this way and Bellingcat has/had access to the ФМС database then we know them all, do we?

On few days ago Bellingcat proclaimed that "Proekt" got hold of another passport file with the same PECULIAR details:

The document shows a black and white copy of an available and fillable PDF form created in 2010:
Once printed p2 of the PDF form looks exactly like the alleged Ruslan Boshirov passport file just without the alleged stamp and some black but once again...

...the alleged stamp is perfectly horizontal and in the exact same position from the right edge of the document.
The "stamp" itself uses a standard bold PC/MAC cyrillic font included e.g. in the Microsoft Times New Roman true type font - same line spacing and standard metrics.

In other words, the "stamp" is "most likely" computer generated and can be replicated by anyone at anytime simply by using the standard forms and standard fonts.

One PECULIAR characteristic is the size of the documents. While the "stamp" has always the same size and position the newly found document shrunk to 95% of it's original vertical size. Hence, the "stamp" was applied to a document that was already changed in its format.

Needless to say that these documents don't look very trustworthy to prove some person to be a spy or even a killer. Everyone can make it in half an hour computer time just using standard forms and standard fonts.

The shrunken document might be the rare result of a malefunctioning printer. But since the so-called "stamp" obviously was applied per computer to an image file of the already filled document. Most likely the shrinking happend accidentally while using the "stamp"-software.

The show must go on:

Now, Bellingcat solved the Skripal mystery + exposed all Russian spies at once since their passports are issued by the same authority unit + are serially numbered! Today we catch them all and live happily ever after.
...but what about the overwhelmingly similar Litvinenko case?

73 India Ave at 14:55
50 Devizes Rd at 13:32
770m by car
How wrong a clock can be?

No image of Skripal's car at the Maltings car park is known. All known images were taken at Whittie Rd.

Apparently Skripal's car was found on the upper parking level since the police closed the 1st floor only. Probably he feeded the ducks right after coming down the stairs from the 1st floor parking level.

Bellingcat identified Colonel Chipega.
If true, CHAPEAU! This is huge.
If not, ...

Well, I (and maybe nobody so far) can say it with certainty.
Meanwhile Wikipedia (re)writes history. So it already starts to become true even if it's not maybe.

Who unmasked Superhero Colonel Chepiga?
Bellingcat says Bellingcat.
Sergey Kanew (Novaja Gazeta) says he obtained the "documents and addresses of these idiots".
I assume, Bellingcat had a hypothesis, called Kanew, Kanew called someone, someone made a copy and sent it right back?

This is why Bellingcat and Kanew fear a criminal case opened against Kanew.
...but somehow the FSB visited him while mushrooming but just asked some questions, obviously.

Bellingcat says, the fact that the FSB asked some questions finally proves the authenticity of the documents but even a major document forgery in this case might prompt some questions serious enough to move the FSB especially after Kanew challenged Zakarova to a duel.

Meanwhile a reader thanked Kanew for the work.

The strange thing is Kanew's prompt access to secret documents whenever needed. After the release of the first documents the authorities were warned (exept for fakes) and Kanew showed no special interest in the Skripal case until after the RT interview.

Kanew's initial (pre-Novichok) comment: Yulias SM account shows solid black humor and signs of depression. He wouldn't exclude that she decided to take her life and to take her father with her. Some days later he was baffled that someone had access to Yulias SM account.

However, considering Chepiga in Salisbury (smuggling hacking equipment in "Spring" to hack the very lab that will analyze the Novichok trail he left in "Spring") I have 3 "working theories":
1) Bellingcat/Kanew are right and the Superhero is an idiot.

2) Chepiga is authentic + western Intel watched every step he took + used him to frame RU (e.g. by a top-secret invitation for the trap) right before the Worldcup
3) we have no clue what really happened
The pure existence of Chepiga doesn't explain the catalogue of open Qs but...

If theory 2 is true then it would explain
-why Skripals phones were off
-why Novichok
-who planted parfume 3 month later
-similar couple on CCTV
-added timecodes
-miraculous hotel decontamination
-May's much too early certainy
-Johnson's lie about Porton Down IDed RU

-disappearance + silence of Skripal
-high-class first responders
-contaminated door + late simultaneously collapse
-survival of ducks and boys
-Baileys ride to Skripal's house
-lack of CCTV coverage
-lack of ANY alternative investigation track or hypothesis

So yeah, it must be working hypothesis 1: the Superhero is an idiot + secret documents per snap, right? Bravo Bellingcat! This is huge!

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