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Sep 10, 2018, 14 tweets

To inspire the next generation of #WomenInSTEM, we're highlighting Energy Department staff who have gone on to do big things.

THEN: Alice Caponiti, age 7, with her dog Heidi.
NOW: Alice, our Director for Advanced Reactor Technologies, with @MarsCuriosity! #SheCanSTEM #STEMRising

THEN: Anne White in elementary school.
NOW: Today, she's the Assistant Secretary for the Energy Department's Office of Environmental Management. go.usa.gov/xPC8w

#SheCanSTEM #STEMRising

THEN: Sunita Satyapal, 16, conducting an experiment.

NOW: Today, Sunita is the Director of the Energy Department's Fuel Cell Technologies Office. go.usa.gov/xPCEZ

#SheCanSTEM #STEMRising

THEN: Ashley Thomas, age 13, in middle school.

NOW: Today, Ashley is a Senior Site Representative/General Engineer with the Energy Department.

#SheCanSTEM #STEMRising

THEN: At age 15, Daniela Ushizima started the school year with a broken left foot.

NOW: Today, she's a Staff Scientist at @BerkeleyLab, supported by the Energy Department. It is not how you start but how you finish. #SheCanSTEM #STEMRising

THEN: Kylee Underwood at age 16, studying with her dog.

NOW: Today, she's a @NETL_DOE physical scientist/federal project manager working on carbon storage. Here, she's observing transmission set-up with two graduate students from @coschoolofmines. #SheCanSTEM #STEMRising

THEN: Carolin Sutter-Fella at age 15.

NOW: Today, Carolin Sutter-Fella is a staff scientist in the Chemical Sciences Division at @BerkeleyLab. #SheCanSTEM #STEMRising

THEN: Circe Verba in 6th grade, when she started her rock collection and dreamed of the stars.

NOW: Today, @NETL_DOE's Circe Verba is a research geologist studying complex materials using innovative imaging techniques. #SheCanSTEM #STEMRising #ThrowbackThursday

THEN: Ashley White at age 16.

NOW: Ashley White is a science communicator at @BerkeleyLab's @advlightsource. #SheCanSTEM #STEMRising #ThrowbackThursday

THEN: Ina Reichel at age 14.

NOW: Today, she’s a Senior Scientific Engineering Associate at @BerkeleyLab. #SheCanSTEM #STEMRising #ThrowbackThursday

THEN: Kelly Rose, 15, attending limnology camp at Lake Michigan.

NOW: Today, she’s a @NETL_DOE geo-data scientist, studying and visualizing the “lives” of rocks in the subsurface. Show girls if they can see it, they can be it. #SheCanSTEM #STEMRising

THEN: Susannah Tringe at 16.

NOW: Today, Susannah Tringe is the User Programs Deputy at @jgi, a national user facility at @BerkeleyLab and head of the Microbial Systems research group studying the roles of microbial communities in carbon cycling.
#SheCanSTEM #STEMRising #TBT

THEN: Tarra D. Anthony at age 16.

NOW: Today, Tarra D. Anthony serves as the Chief of Staff for the Office of Cyber Assessments within the Office of Enterprise Assessments at the Energy Department. #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #SheCanSTEM #STEMRising

THEN: Christine Naca at age 14.

NOW: Today, Christine Naca is an industrial engineer and the New Technology Implementation project manager at @jgi, a national user facility at @BerkeleyLab.

#ThrowbackThursday #SheCanSTEM #STEMRising

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