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Sep 10, 2018, 6 tweets

#InternationalCriminalCourt Today, WH National Security Advisor #Bolton announced the U.S. will cease cooperation with the ICC (agency prosecuting war crimes/crimes against humanity; governments acting the people.) Yesterday, #Putin's government arrested 836 people in Russia.

This is what the Kremlin does to the people: old, young, handicapped, no matter. The images are graphic and disturbing. So is the reality of a mafia state. What is happening? The Russian government siphons money from the appropriated natural resources outside of Russia.

Each year, the Kremlin launders and stores in the Western banks and offshores an estimated 40–50 billion dollars, according to @anders_aslund , a senior fellow at the Eurasia Center at the Atlantic Council. Estimated Putin's circle wealth: 250 billion dollars.

To fill the holes in the budget, Putin is raising the pension age. People, many already living in poverty, protest. The government suppresses the people in the streets and for reposts and likes on the social media.

#Resist the Kremlin propaganda. Resist the Kremlin puppets in the Western government. Resist the mafia state. Share. Be aware. Vote on November 6 to vote out the mafia state out of the United States.…

If we fail to stop them now in the US, our children will be the subject to these crimes. And, there will be on #InternationalCriminalCourt to stop it. Governments for people; not people for governments. Say NO to mafia states!

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