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Sep 12, 2018, 7 tweets

NEW: Trump admin to target foreign election interference with Executive Order imposing sanctions. Trump may sign new EO as soon as tomorrow, to preempt congressional push for new legislative sanctions on Russia.

Sanctions by Executive Order may just be official “Trump is tough on Russia” propaganda. Problem is they want to preempt coming “Sanctions from Hell.” Also it’s not clear what the EO sanctions will entail, so likely they won’t be as hard-hitting—or effective—as a bipartisan law.

Quick, sharp & bipartisan criticism: Trump’s Election Security Executive Order “recognizes the threat, but does not go far enough to address it. US can and must do more.”

This should mean Congress will enact sanctions. But this GOP might prefer a little help in November first 😒

Trump’s executive order sets up an interagency process that’s uncertain not to mention LATE—55days out—to secure elections. DNI identifies interference, FBI/DOJ investigates, THEN Treasury sanctions…maybe. (Mnuchin still sitting on Deripaska April appeal) nyti.ms/2CJyhA8

Trump’s order “authorizes” the executive branch to impose sanctions on Russia. That’s “discretion” to punish Putin. Trump will push back. Helsinki proved it. #DETERAct bill spells out sanctions on key economic sectors, so countries know exactly what’s at stake if they interfere.

Bolton pretty much proves Executive Order is just PR: “We felt it was important to demonstrate the president has taken command of this issue, that it’s something he cares deeply about—that the integrity of our elections & our constitutional process are a high priority to him.”🤔

Bolton remark tell us WH knows few are convinced that Trump has command of nor cares about election security, esp post Helsinki. Good report on executive order, includes Mike Rogers’ first pubic comments about warning Trump of the gravity of Russia threat.apnews.com/6086f3bdb0184b…

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