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Sep 14, 2018, 13 tweets

Dear @nakashimae @washingtonpost can’t seem to find your follow up about how this was completely false as stated by Admiral Mike Rogers himself? You know since “Democracy dies in darkness” and you’re all about the truth...?…

In case you missed it, here it is, directly from the man himself and everybody giggles hehe

See, it's important because the article states these "memos" which if they actually exist, are false information and they were made available to Mueller and Congressional investigations. Furthermore your little story sparked quite the outrage, did you not ask @NSAGov ?

Funny Nakashima just keeps popping up! She was even followed by @Comey secret account before he got fired and went on a book/PR tour thankfully @TheChillum doesn't let anything slide.

She is just everywhere! Hanging out with the @DNC at security conferences.

In fact @nakashimae was first to release parts of of @jeffsessions security form as well, triggering even more #RussiaHoax madness.

Her @carterwpage coverage is getting all kinds of attention right now because it's pretty much a confirmed leak from @petestrzok does the @washingtonpost care to comment? #RussiaGate

Oh look @GenFlynn as well. It's almost as if without Ellen we might not have all this hysteria or even a Special Counsel, she's really been key in perpetuating it all?

God knows what this gem has in it, I'd rather light myself on fire than pay @washingtonpost to read propaganda, yeah there it is. See you have a paywall to make people buy sh*t leaked to you by people we already pay🤣 It only seems fair that when it's from a Fed its free!

What a power couple here huh? Nakashima and Barrett? Has there been any story in the past 3.5 years that hasn't been spoon fed to Devlin? #SeriousQuestion #VeryFakeNews

Wait really? How did we miss this, the #DNChack is completely solved then why are the @DNC suing so many random people, that seems unfair they should just sue the culprits (except Ellen wrote this so.... awkward)

Must have been one of Ellen's top missions to go after @GenFlynn because she sure covered him a lot, accurately or not, think her only purpose was to feed info, cause outcry, trigger investigation maybe she works for MI6😅That is the favorite recipe at GCHQ!

Any-who we get it the "sisters" really loved you and maybe they still do (taking a guess that was Strzok's pet name for @FBI) BUT just wanted to let you know, we see you.
Turns out Democracy gets suicidal at @washingtonpost and we the people aren't going to let Democracy die.

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